Special PS4 Sells For $20,000… and £20

At least one eBay seller has sold a limited edition PS1-style Playstation 4 for more than $20,000. In contrast, a few lucky Brits got hold of one for less than £20 ($32). The special PS4, launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation, has the same tech specs as the normal model. The […]


Ralph Baer, Games Console Pioneer, 1922-2014

Ralph Baer, the man who created the first home games console, has died aged 92. His Magnavox Odyssey came out three years before the better-known Atari Pong machine. Indeed, the Odyssey (pictured) was more like today’s consoles than Atari’s machine. Whereas Pong was a single-game device, the Odyssey allowed players to choose different games by […]

Save BIG on These Black Friday Weekend Deals! (Updated)

This year, online retailers are pushing deals each day for a whole week instead of just during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out these awesome deals we dug for you today! Video Games and Consoles –The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition – $79.99 $29.99 (63% Off) –Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition – $39.99 $19.99 […]

Entire Table Is NES Controller

If you’ve still got an NES but you find the controller a little small and fiddly, this could be the solution. Etsy seller Miller Woodshop has produced a fully-functioning giant controller in the form of a table: This table was built to scale with the original NES controller. This fully functional controller’s buttons have been […]

PS Vita Buyers Will Get Compensation Over Ad Claims

If you bought a PS Vita in the US before June 1, 2012, you should be getting compensation from Sony. That’s because it has settled a Federal Trade Commission complaint accusing it of false advertising. The complaint centered on advertising relating to the Vita’s cross-platform features, particularly the implication that the features would work in […]

Improv Pranksters Snap Macs

This video, featuring members of the public getting wrongly blamed for breaking a Macbook during a demonstration of the flexible Lenovo Yoga laptop doesn’t appear to be a promotion for Lenovo. Instead its the work of improv group the Upright Citizens Brigade. You’ve got to say that if the victims aren’t actors, it’s a pretty harsh prank […]

Blood-sucking Gaming Peripheral Seems Unlikely Pitch

Two Kickstarter users are looking for funding for a peripheral that turns spilling blood in a video game into a reality. It’s dubious, to say the least, that it’s a serious proposition. Blood Sport is described as a hacked version of a rumble pack that uses an Arduino controller to track when your character is wounded […]

Save 50% Off or More on Select Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) + Countdown to Black Friday

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers 50% off or more on select solid state hard drives (SSD) as part of their “Countdown to Black friday” deals. If you need some new super fast storage for your computer, be sure to check those deals out! –Save 50% Off or More on Select […]