Commercial Quantum Computers for Sale, Only $10M

The first D-Wave One, a commercially available 128-qubit quantum computer, has been sold to Lockheed Martin. The agreement between Lockheed Martin and D-Wave Systems was announced this week. If you have a spare ten million bucks in your sofa cushions, you too can own the D-Wave One. Rather than relying on transistors and classical mechanics, […]

PlayStation Network hits another glitch

It’s really not been a great few weeks for Sony. The company has been forced to suspend website log-ins to its PlayStation Network thanks to knock-on effect of the security breach. The issue only affects people trying to log in to their account through a website, rather than connecting on the PS3 itself. Of course, […]

Pizza Box Laptop

Hey, looks like there’s grub in the pizza box! [Via Reddit]

Seductive Keyboard [Picture]


Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case Zapped by Lawyers

Just as in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo has fallen prey to a vast and powerful empire. But this time it’s Apple. One of the most creative iPhone cases to date lasted just a matter of days before the lawyers got involved. The Steve Jobs case featured a recreation of the infamous scene of […]

Sony’s PSN Fiasco: What we have here is failure to communicate

There’s little disputing that Sony has just suffered one of the biggest consumer security screw-ups in history. But that’s made worse by what can only be described as awful communication. For those who’ve somehow missed it, the story in short is that Sony’s online gaming system, the PlayStation Network, has been offline for a week. […]

PlayStation 3 joins the 50 million sales club

Sony is celebrating the shipment of the 50 millionth PlayStation 3. But sales of its Move motion control system are slower than that of Microsoft’s Kinect. The company says it reached the figure on March 29. Given that (according to the Telegraph) shipments totaled 3.5 million in 2006, 9.1 million in 2007, 10.7 million in […]