Seductive Keyboard [Picture]


Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case Zapped by Lawyers

Just as in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo has fallen prey to a vast and powerful empire. But this time it’s Apple. One of the most creative iPhone cases to date lasted just a matter of days before the lawyers got involved. The Steve Jobs case featured a recreation of the infamous scene of […]

Sony’s PSN Fiasco: What we have here is failure to communicate

There’s little disputing that Sony has just suffered one of the biggest consumer security screw-ups in history. But that’s made worse by what can only be described as awful communication. For those who’ve somehow missed it, the story in short is that Sony’s online gaming system, the PlayStation Network, has been offline for a week. […]

PlayStation 3 joins the 50 million sales club

Sony is celebrating the shipment of the 50 millionth PlayStation 3. But sales of its Move motion control system are slower than that of Microsoft’s Kinect. The company says it reached the figure on March 29. Given that (according to the Telegraph) shipments totaled 3.5 million in 2006, 9.1 million in 2007, 10.7 million in […]

Introducing the Petticoat 5: A computer By women, for women

Well, I could certainly one of those convenient tissue dispensers on the side of my box! [Youtube]

GROSS: When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? [Picture]

Now that is one seriously disgusting keyboard. When was the last time you took your keyboard apart so you could remove all the dust, bread crumbs, and other unspeakable horrors from there? [Via Obvious Winner]

“Demise of the PC” May Simply Be Semantics

Worldwide PC sales figures have taken a tumble — and everyone has an explanation why. Two separate estimates show the same pattern in sales figures for January through March this year, compared with the same period in 2010. IDC estimates there were 80.6 million shipments worldwide, down 3.2%, while Gartner puts the total at 84.3 […]