‘XBox to kill used game market’ rumors return

A year after the rumor first surfaced, a major games magazine is insisting the next generation XBox won’t allow for used game sales. Edge magazine reports “sources with first-hand experience” as saying that although the new Xbox will support physical media, Microsoft wants downloadable games to be the priority. As a result, the new Xbox will […]

Nintendo Says Wii U Sales Lower Than Expected

Nintendo has conceded the Wii U is likely to fall well below its original sales predictions. The disappointment is tempered only by some good fortune with currency exchange rates. The details come in financial figures covering April through December, the first nine months of Nintendo’s financial year. It says it sold 3.06 million Wii U […]

Brain-Controlled Toy Helicopters

So you remember how people thought it was cool that you could buy a toy helicopter that could be controlled by your iPhone? That’s got nothing on the Puzzlebox Orbit. Puzzlebox has actually been producing brain-controlled helicopters for classrooms over the past two years. Now, however, they want to take it to a commercial level. […]

Coming Soon: 3D Print Your Own Electronics

It would seem that the University of Warwick researchers are getting tired of simply creating models and toys with their 3D printers. While they think it’s “great seeing the complex and intricate models of devices such as mobile phones or television remote controls” they are working towards being able to print electronics that actually function, […]

CRAZY 2012 Online Black Friday Deals

Yep, today is the day where the holiday season shopping craze starts, geeks. Don’t feel like rushing to the stores to get crushed beneath a human stampede? Here’s a few amazing deals we stumbled on while browsing around online today. We’ll update this post a few times during the day and add new deals when […]