Remote Controlled iPads on Segways

This seems like one of those things that could be really useful, or could make us ever so fatter.

Startup company in California,¬†Double Robotics has decided that they want to revolutionise video conferencing with their product they’ve simply named “Double”. They’ve created this little mobile iPad stand that can be remote-controlled via an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or a laptop. Even the height can be adjusted so you can remain at eye-level whether those you’re meeting are sitting or standing. It would make conferencing a lot more convenient for businessmen who normally have to travel for face-to-face meetings.

I would also imagine it would be great for mobility impaired, such as those in Motor Neurone Disease for example, to explore the world without having to rely on someone to push them around. In this video, it would seem that Double Robotics are seeing not only business use, but also recreational use, allowing you to view art galleries across the world without leaving your couch.

While that all sounds awesome, it leads me to think of people sitting on their couch, feeling like they’re ‘seeing the world’ while the salsa from their nachos drips down onto their over-stretched wife-beater. Like I said – could be revolutionary or it could contribute to obesity.

Doubles are available for pre-order at a whopping $1,999 and will be available in 2013. What do you think? Will this become the norm for video conferencing before long?

[Via Geekosystem]