NASA Puts Smartphones in Space

NASA needs to make satellites cheaper and faster. There’s an app for that. NASA’s PhoneSat project creates nanosatellites from unmodified smartphones – specifically, the HTC Nexus One and Samsung’s Nexus S. That means it’s Android that gets to leap into outer space, not iOS. The prototype satellites only cost $3,500, a figure kept low by […]

Remote Controlled iPads on Segways

This seems like one of those things that could be really useful, or could make us ever so fatter. Startup company in California, Double Robotics has decided that they want to revolutionise video conferencing with their product they’ve simply named “Double”. They’ve created this little mobile iPad stand that can be remote-controlled via an iPhone, iPad, […]

Wireless Charging Laptops by Intel

Wireless charging was something that was often mentioned in my Electrodynamics lectures, but something that was far from practical yet. Well Intel is ready to step up and push wireless charging into the future. While wireless charging has been used previously for charging smartphones (to what degree of success, perhaps some of our readers who have […]

OOH-YAH: Indie Gaming Comes to TV Sets

An Android based games console has destroyed its targets to become the second best-funded project ever on Kickstarter. The makers of the OUYA console had bid for $950,000 of funding from the public but wound up with just short of $8.6 million. The idea of the console is to combine the creativity and independent spirit […]

Playstation Range Becomes Money-Loser

Sony’s game division has lost more than $45 million in three months. There’s a simple story behind it: sales of consoles and games are both markedly down. The entire Sony group lost 24.6 billion yen (US $315 million) between April and June, despite an increase in sales across all product types. The losses were partly […]

Discovered: Coleco Adam

So in Ontario Canada, we have a Recycling Program where local businesses who support the program serve as a drop off point where you can discard your used electronics and have them transferred free of charge to proper recycling centers. Now at a local store, I was handy when THIS was brought in. A Coleco […]

Nexus 7 Smart Cover is on its way

Those who decided not to buy into the iPad “premium” product sell and instead went for the “cheap but good” marketing of Google’s Nexus 7 might have been lamenting the fact that there was no Smart Cover alternative for their nifty new tablet. The Apple Smart Cover is a foldaway cover that is designed to […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save over 60% on Select Kingston SSD Drives

Today only, Amazon offers over 60% off on select Kingston SSD drives. If you’re looking for hardware that will help boost system performance, these drives will most definitely help! [Over 60% Off Select Kingston Solid-State Drives]