Pay-per-view could get more literal

Want to hit rewind and replay that great sporting moment again? Gonna cost ya. Trying to fast forward through commercials? Pay up buddy. That’s the world we could be living in if a recently-published Microsoft patented technology becomes adopted by cable firms. Entitled “Control-based content pricing”, the heart of the concept is that a “content […]

Get your Hands on a Neo Geo

If you really loved the Neo Geo, it’s time to rejoice: you’ll soon be able to take it everywhere with a new handheld version. And there’ll certainly be plenty of room in your pocket once you’ve emptied your wallet to pay for it. For younger readers the Neo Geo was a series of gaming devices […]

Game sales slump yet again

Video game sales have continued to drop significantly in the US, a trend that’s being blamed on a lack of compelling new releases. But gamers are still estimated to have spent more than one and half billion dollars during the month. Research firm NPD Group reports that sales revenue from new games in physical format […]