The Five Ingredients for a Diabolically Geeky Halloween Party

vintage-halloween-pumpkin-woman-black-catWe geeks have a leg up on this Halloween business, especially when it comes to parties and costumes. Sure, most of us have a few costumes ready for any convention prepped in the closet–but where’s the fun in that? True geeks will rise to the occasion every time and create unique, memorable costumes. Not to mention, our tendency to combine science and pop culture make for the perfect parties.

I’ve stoked up the cauldron and boiled down the geek Halloween season down to five essential components, and I’ll be writing about them this week leading up to my own party this weekend. Aside from writing, I’ll be sharing pictures and experiments with you as I get ready!

The Five Ingredients for a Diabolically Geeky Halloween Party

  • The Food – I would say that Halloween food is likely my favorite part of the party. Why? Because it functions on almost every single level: entertainment, ambiance, and, if done right, complimentary to costume/theme. There’s no other time of they year you’re allowed to simultaneously disgust and delight your guests as they dine on brains, eyeballs, and all manner of fake blood. I’ll be highlighting some particularly gruesome gustatory and gore-filled dishes you can cook up in no time.


  • The Ambiance – Whether or not you choose a specific theme for your party, ambiance is essential. This means giving your guests the opportunity to suspend their disbelief a little, and goes beyond dimming the lights and playing a spooky reel. It’s all in the details–the jars of suspended fluids, creatures of wonder and weirdness, and that all important “what is it?”. This is where being a geek and knowing basic chemistry can make for one heck of a memorable party. A little dry ice goes a long way. Look for tips on home experiments and documenting my attempts!
  • The Costumes – No, you don’t have to make costumes for your guests. But making sure your costume is perfect is very important. You have a certain credibility to maintain as the host, and your guests might feel a little put off if you slack. At the same time, it’s also important to be a resource for your guests and be a bit well-versed in the costume-making business. Because you know someone’s going to call the night before/afternoon of and say they can’t put together a costume in time. There are plenty of quick and dirty costumes that suit just fine, and I’ll share some with you.
  • The Media – Everyone’s endured the awful “spooky reel” of music and the gritty, old school films. And that can work well if you do it right. But in this age of MST3K, zombie flicks, and a veritable wealth of music available both mainstream and independent, you really have no excuse for the old stand-by anymore. Consider thinking outside the box a bit and create unique playlists that can scare and surprise!
  • The Entertainment – Ah, the entertainment. There’s a delicate balance at any party between casual mingling and ordered games (or, just plain crappy games). I’ve been at a handful of parties made absolutely torturous by hosts either doing too much or too little in the entertainment department. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean it’s okay to make your guests suffer… at least not from boredom. Thankfully, Halloween also gives you the opportunity to play some truly unusual games, including pulling pranks on your own guests and adding a sense of horror to your party. I mean, it is that time of year, right? We’ll explore some games and pranks you can do for Halloween.

Halloween is a time for geeks to truly shine. If you have some particular Halloween tips or experiences you’d like to share, let me know here in the comments!

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