The Moon in the News: Surgery, Water, and Colonization

A map of the moon from 1647 By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] We have ever been fascinated by the moon, hanging there, silvery in the sky, so mysterious and changing. I’ve often wondered what people really thought when they saw the moon up there, before telescopes and science, and how truly amazing it must […]

Microsoft wants you to host a Windows 7 launch party

I’m not sure about you guys, but I don’t think this is such a good idea… I mean, it sounds like Microsoft wants you to host a tupperware meeting, or something. This might be the absolute worse video the company ever produced, even worse than the Songsmith promotional clip they released a while ago. What […]

10 Geeky Car Mods and Must-Have Accessories

So, your Geek Squad application was turned down, and now your dreams of driving the ultimate Geek-Mobile have vanished like Minovsky particles in the wind? No worries, here are 10 geeky car mods and must-have car accessories–listed in order of increasing awesomeness–that will make you forget all about the blank space on your door where […]

Wireless networks face off in electronic reader battle

Verizon is to provide wireless support for a new electronic reading device, produced by iRex. It means all three of the largest US wireless networks now have an involvement in the market. iRex already has two electronic readers, the iLiad and the Digital Reader 1000 series. However, the Verizon deal is for a forthcoming model, […]