Fallout 4: Exploring Far Harbor [Video]


Far Harbor is currently available! Download it now if you have the Fallout 4 season pass! Get an exclusive look into the making of Fallout 4’s Far Harbor from Bethesda Game Studios. Far Harbor arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Thursday, May 19th. [Bethesda Softworks]

Wreck-It Ralph Gets an Honest Trailer [Video]


Revisit Disney’s epic adventure that finally cracked how to make a good video game movie… by not focusing too much on the video game – Wreck-It Ralph! [Screen Junkies]

Halo 5 SPNKr Rocket Launcher Gets Recreated in LEGO [Video]


This 6,000-piece LEGO recreation of the dual tube SPNKr Rocket Launcher from “Halo 5: Guardians” was built by LEGO enthusiast Nick Brick and is an almost identical replica of the weapon we see in the game. The whole thing weighs 24lb and is 50.5″ long! [Nick Brick]

This Geralt of Rivia Cosplay From The Witcher is Unbelievably Good! [Pics]


This has to be the best Geralt of Rivia cosplay (from The Witcher) I’ve ever seen! Maul Cosplay (producer at Defcon Unlimited) is the perfect real-life incarnation of the character, and his costume is nothing short of spectacular! [Source: Maul Cosplay | Via Kotaku]

The Amazing Spectator’s Arcade Cabinet By Bally (That No One Saw Ever Used In Real Life)


So as one Imgur user pointed out, at one point during the arcade revolution of the 80’s, Bally released a spectator’s arcade cabinet for people watching the player and waiting for their turn. I can confidently tell you, between the 80’s and 90’s, I must have spent a thousand dollars at arcades, easily (God bless […]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Ottawa Comiccon 2016 – Part II


As promised yesterday, here is the second part of our photos from Ottawa Comiccon 2016! If you’ve missed part I, be sure to check it out right here! I also want to say that everyone we met at the con was amazing! Ottawa is a beautiful city with some of the friendliest people I’ve met […]

8 Valuable Games You Might Have In Your Closet


Gaming as a subculture has slowly begun to gets its dues over the last few years. Where once it was seen as an activity for nerds and geeks, it is now recognized as the bastion of entertainment it is. But what some avid gamers might not even know is just how valuable some of their games […]

Blizzard To Permanently Ban Overwatch Cheaters


Blizzard has announced a zero tolerance policy for cheaters on its forthcoming team shooter game Overwatch. The company says there’ll be a permanent ban for anyone “found to be cheating—or using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage.” There’s no word of any refund for a player banned in this […]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Ottawa Comiccon 2016 [Photo Gallery]


For the fifth consecutive year, Ottawa, the beautiful capital of Canada, held the 2016 edition of its Comiccon this weekend, and as expected, the event was mindblowingly popular (with 42,000 attendees!) The temperature might not have been all that cooperative, but it certainly didn’t stop people from attending the event, with many of them in […]

Leeroy “The Legend” Jenkins: The Unsung Hero of the MMORPG


We all remember Leroy Jenkins’ heroic, stupid, suicidal charge. And as much as some may say it has been proven fake and so on, it set the tone for “Let’s Play” videos as it was the first one of its kind many of us watched. This piece on Imgur stands as a sort of proverbial statue […]

Why Link Keeps breaking Pots [Comic]


[Source: InkRose98 on Deviantart]

Why Videogame Minions Switching Places Would Be Pure Chaos


These minions are more terrifying than the ones on your aunt’s Facebook page. [Dorkly]