Lady Gets Massively Terrified While Playing Horror VR Shooter [Video]


Watch as a lady tries The Brookhaven Experiment game for the first time while wearing an Oculus Rift. I don’t think she’ll ever play again. Here’s another video of a dude playing the game. It actually looks pretty fun! [Karl&RenateVR]

The Best Video Game Weapon of All Time [Video]


Never played that game, but I hope that when you pick up that weapon, you automatically get 9 extra lives! [SpecialForce2]

When a Pip-Boy Ad Gets Done Apple Style [Video]


This internal Bethesda Game Studios video dates back to the Holidays 2013, and was used to show-off what the new Pip-Boy looked like to the company. [BethesdaSoftworksUK]

QUANTUM BREAK (Honest Game Trailers)


So everyone is wondering about the new Quantum Break game that is also a hybrid TV show. How does it play? Is it fun? Does using television episodes as cut scenes make the story more immersive or does it feel too FMV for modern times? Check out this Honest Trailer and see for yourself. Pretty […]

Forget Sailor Moon: Sailor Doom is Here!

Would you play this game? I know I would! [Source: PegasusPowers on Deviantart | Via Kotaku]

Creating the Black Ops 3 Locus Sniper Rifle in LEGO [Video]


From ZaziNombies: It’s sniping time! We build a replica of Black Ops 3’s Locus bolt-action sniper rifle, entirely from 2000 LEGO pieces! Measuring nearly 4 feet long, weighing in at 8 pounds of bricks complete with a working bolt, and reload-able magazine, here is the weapon’s blocky, real life counterpart! [ZaziNombies LEGO Creations]

Donkey Kong as a Live Action Short Film [Video]


A live action short film based on the classic Donkey Kong game by Youtuber MyNameIsBanks. [MyNameIsBanks]

Game Pirate vs DLC Ninja [Video]


There’s two version of the video, first, let’s look at what happens when the pirate wins: Warning: Language. And now, here’s the version where the ninja wins: [Mashed]

Deal of the Day: Save BIG on JBL Bluetooth Speakers, Dyson Air Multiplier Fans + MORE Amazing Deals!


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on this morning, starting with the JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker with Wireless Bluetooth Connection. –JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker with Wireless Bluetooth Connection (Certified Refurbished) – $99.95 $39.99 (60% Off) (Black or Lavender) –Save Big on Select Dyson […]

Player Two: The Touching Story of a Gamer Who Plays With the Ghost of His Deceased Father


“Player Two” is a sad, beautiful and touching short film that was inspired by a comment left on a Youtube video several years ago by a user named 00WARTHERAPY00. Watch it below. Warning: It might make you tear up. [John Wikstrøm]

The Magic Touch [Comic]


[Source: The GaMERCat | Like “The GaMERCat” on Facebook | Follow “The GaMERCat” on Twitter]

Nerf Team Fortress [Video]


The folks from Corridor Digital have created a funny short film featuring the characters from Team Fortress, but swapping their guns with the NERF equivalent. Check it out! [Corridor Digital]