If Pokemon GO Existed In the Pokemon Games


An app seems like a better idea than children training superpowered monsters to fight. [Dorkly]

Grand Theft Auto: Go is Almost Ready for Launch


First and foremost, this is obviously not real and just something thrown together by someone on the internet, but can we attempt to speculate what a Grand Theft Auto version of Go would be like? Stealing cars, running down strangers, picking up hoo…nah, maybe we just keep this in our minds and not discuss it […]

Oldschool Video Games Get Recreated with Everyday Items [Stop Motion Video]


PES recreates 5 classic arcade death sequences in this newly remastered HD version of his stop-motion short “Game Over”. [PESfilm]

Chasing Pikachu in a Real-Life Game of Pokémon Go [Video]


Youtuber CaseyNeistat plays a real-life game of Pokémon Go and chases Pikachu across the streets of New York. [CaseyNeistat]



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How Battling Works in Pokemon GO [Video]


This enlightening video from “The Silph Road” will teach you everything you need to know about how to fight other Pokémon in Pokémon Go and what strategies to adopt according to the type of pokémon you’re fighting. Here’a a base attack/defense table to help you as well. [The Silph Road]

Keep Looters Away from Your Caps With This Fallout Power Helmet Bank


An officially-licensed Fallout 4 bank! All you Fallout 4 fans will finally have a safe place to hold your caps! If you really want to scare off would-be currency thieves, keep your spare change in this Power Armor Helmet Bank. Sculpted with care to look just like the helmet from the T-45 power armor suit […]

The Trailer for Telltale’s Batman Game is Finally Here! [Video]


Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. In this gritty and violent new story from the award-winning creators of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, you’ll make discoveries that will shatter Bruce Wayne’s world, and the already fragile stability […]

When the Pokémon Theme Meets Metal (Ft. Rob Lundgren) [Video]


Metalhead and guitar player extraordinaire 331Erock teamed up with Swedish metal singer Rob Lundgren to created a headbangingly good cover of the Pokémon theme song. Check it out! gotta catch ’em all! [331Erock]

The LGBT Pride Parade is Coming to Los Santos! (GTA V) [Video]


The LGBT Pride parade is coming to the streets of Los Santos thanks to an unofficial GTA V mod by Stockholm Pride. For those interested, the mod can downloaded for free over at lossantospride.com. Los Santos Pride is a project created for Stockholm Pride. The project is pro-bono with no financial incentive or other benefits […]

MMA Fighter Triumph Over Opponent Pokémon Trainer Style [Video]


Seriously, how amazing is this? As a side note, I’ve finally installed Pokémon go on my Android smartphone. The game is now officially available for download in Canada. #ihavenoshame. [BellatorMMA]