Invisible Horses and Flying People: 10 Hilarious Red Dead Redemption Glitches

With Rockstar having just officially announced a sequel (prequel?) to their stellar Red Dead Redemption, a lot of gamers and fans of this amazing publisher have been revisiting the last game to refamiliarize themselves with the ways of the old west. And in doing so, cannot help but recall that, though easily one of the […]

A Mega Man 2 “Bubble Man” Banjo Cover by Banjo Guy Ollie

Here is one of the latest Mega Man 2 banjo cover by Banjo Guy Ollie featuring the theme song from the Bubble Man level. [Banjo Guy Ollie]

The Story Behind the Worst Video Game of All Time [Video]

The video game ‘E.T, The Extraterrestrial’ for Atari 2600 is considered one of the biggest flops in gaming history. Yet the game’s designer, Howard Scott Warshaw, says he couldn’t be prouder of that honor. This is the story of an awesomely bad video game. [Great Big Story]

Super Mario Run Meets Parkour in Real Life! in 4K!

When Super Mario meets parkour, you get a real-life game of Super Mario Bros! [devinsupertramp]

A Fantastic Pokémon Medley by Cellist Tina Guo [Video]

A fantastic Pokémon medley by talented cellist Tina Guo. This track is part of Tina’s upcoming album, GAME ON!, which is available right here for pre-order. [Tina Guo]

Home Alone as an 8-Bit Game [Video]

Ho-Ho-Ho-Home Alone returns as a retro action-packed arcade game for your holiday cheer! So sit back, relax, stir up some hot cocoa, and watch little McAllister cause some mayhem. Happy Holidays! [CineFix]

Deal: Save BIG on The Steam Controller and Steam Link!

If you were interested in getting a Steam Link or Steam controller during Black Friday this year and forgot to pick one, both items are back on sale today! The Steam link is used to take advantage of the horsepower you already have in your home, streaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its […]

Playing Videogames: Childhood vs. Adulthood [Comic]

In the comic below, Jacob Andrews from “Lack of a Better Comic” takes a look at some of the differences between playing video games as a child versus playing as an adult. Yep, that sums it up quite well. [Source: For Lack of a Better Comic | Like For Lack of a Better Comic on […]

Super Bork Land is the Super Mario Clone You Never Knew You Needed [Video]

Unfortunately this isn’t real. Sadness. [Arf]

Honest Game Trailer: Playstation VR (Vomit Regularly) [Video]

From the platform creators who are always ready to jump on the next train to money town, comes a peripheral that could change the gaming landscape forever – or just a sad little foot note like that last time we tried this stuff. Its PLAYSTATION VR. [Smosh Games]

Check Out This Amazing Custom-Made “Legend of Zelda” Pool Table! [Video]

Check out this amazing custom-made pool table that was made for a huge fan of the “Legend of Zelda” franchise by the folks from the Super-Fan Builds show. Wow. Just wow. [Awe Me]

Christmas Music in the Style of Various Video Game Franchises [Video]

From Seth Everman: Hello friends! I spent a few weeks working on these terrible songs and then I made this video which I hope at least some of you enjoyed! [SethEverman]