These Geektastic Sofas Look Like Classic Arcade Machines! [Pics]

French design studio Harow, the people behind many fantastic chair designs that have been featured on the web for the past few years, have just release a bunch of picture of one of their latest creations: A sofa that looks like a classic arcade cabinet. The handmade sofa is customizable featuring wood, steel, and velvet, […]

Cellist Tina Guo Performs Amazing World of Warcraft Theme Cover [Video]

Watch as musician Tina Guo performs a fantastic World of Warcraft cello cover for yor viewing… and hearing enjoyment! [Tina Guo]

Make Extra Caps With The Fallout Nuka Cola Bottle Opener

This might very well be the most awesome bottle opener of all time, and if the apocalypse ever come, it will help you save caps for the new economy! Stop relying on the robots for everything and upgrade your settlement with this nifty red Nuka Cola bottle opener! It’s wall-mounted, so it can handle even […]

Game of Throne RPG In The Works?

Bethesda Game Studios, developer of Elder Scrolls and Fallout, could be working on a Game of Thrones project. There’s very little detail however, and it’s largely supposition at this point. The only ‘evidence’ at the moment comes from a poster on the NeoGAF forum having spotted a placeholder page on Target’s website that reads “Bethesda: […]

The 14 NEW Game Releases of the Week (8/28 – 9/3) Upcoming Games 2017 for PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

Looks like we have quite a week in store for us gamers. Hope you have your wallet crammed because this might be an expensive week for us. And yes, even the Nintendo Switch is covered. For me, the Life is Strange prequel no one expected has me most excited. What game has you drooling? Games […]

You Can Actually Purchase this AMAZING Fallout 4 Inspired Gauss rifle! [Pics + Video]

Etsy seller and artist PlastCraft inspires himself from video games to create some amazing props, as seen in the unbelievably gorgeous Fallout 4 gauss rifle replica above. The rifle is a handmade item, made of plywood, pvc plastic, PLA, laser LED, blue LEDs, NIXIE tubes, batteries and some metal bolts. Based on the Kamui Cosplay’s […]

Logs and NPCs: A Short Story [Epic NPC Man]

Someone has discarded a log in the path of a NPC, who seems that have problems getting over it. [Viva La Dirt League]

Gaming Summed Up By One Picture

This is SO true about gaming that no one can argue it. It actually made me laugh out loud. Why? Because I thought I was the only one who lived in these extremes, but this meme proves otherwise. Glad to know I am not the only one who likes creating peace among anarchy in some […]

SNES Classic Hit By Language Laws

Nostalgic Quebecers hoping to buy the SNES Classic are out of luck. Nintendo has reportedly decided not to sell the console in the province thanks to language regulations. Local laws protect and promote the use of French, which is the official language of Quebec and must be used in several areas such as advertising and […]

WANT: Keytendo NES Console Key Holder Rack

This Keytendo NES Style key holder is quite possibly the coolest key holder I have ever seen. The rack is wall mountable, comes with two controller input keychains and features a storage compartment, which you can open up, to store some of your small belongings… for you AND your player two! Now how cool is […]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Gamescom 2017 Trailer

I don’t care what anyone says, it may have had its small problems but I still think Shadow of Mordor is one of the better open-world games out there, and the Nemesis system in the game makes taking down enemies feel extremely gratifying (I was NOT paid to say that). For those reasons alone you […]

Gameboy Selfies: Not Everything Was Better in the 90’s

Yes, we could use our Gameboys and a Gameboy printer add-on (along with the cumbersome Gameboy camera you see above ) to take and print out selfies long before selfies were called selfies. Granted, the resolution looked like the picture was taken on a potato, and it was slow and archaic, but man, we loved […]