Man Masters INSANE Japanese Rhythm Arcade Game [Video]


Holy. Crap. Check out this guy as he breezes through a round of Chunithm, a Japanese rhythm arcade game from Sega. We’re not worthy. [蓬莱 | Via Geekologie]

Pokémon Go: How To Catch ‘Em All [Flowchart]


Be sure to click the flowchart to enlarge it! [Source:]

The Real Pokemon Go: Didn’t Catch Em’ All (4K)


When playing Pokemon Go, it hurts to admit when you make mistakes. But when the mistakes are big enough, the pain only lasts a brief moment. [A. Todd // Bellpond]

Metal Gear Solid: Snake vs Ultimate Video Game Boss [Video]


Venom Snake takes on the hardest boss ever in this epic battle of good vs evil. The Metal Gear Solid hero tries his best to defeat Misery–an Ultimate Boss with powers far superior to Snake. In order to win, Snake has to get creative and find Misery’s hidden weakness. [FXated]

Goodbye, Zubat: A Pokémon Go Parody [Video]


Ever wondered what happens when you transfer your Pokemon in Pokémon GO​!? Here is exactly what happens! [Sam Green]

If Videogames Were 10% More Realistic [Video]


Yoshi probably wouldn’t be allowed to wander around with a missing baby… [Dorkly]

Attack on No Man’s Sky: Top 10 NEW Games Of August 2016


All you pretty much have to say to me is Attack on Titan and No Man’s Sky and I already know which games have me drooling the hardest to get my hands on this month. And here are 8 others, too. If No Man’s Sky lives up to its true hype and potential, after August […]

The Pokémon Theme Song In 20 Styles Of The Late 90s


From Anthony Vincent: Hi guys! Given the recent rise in 90’s nostalgia & Pokémon Go, I decided to marry the two together to create the Pokémon Theme in 20 styles of the late 90’s. Enjoy and leave a comment on which style was the most nostalgic for you. [Ten Second Songs]

Amazon Deal Of the Day: Save BIG on a LARGE Selection of Top-Rated Strategy Board Games (Up to 52% Off!)


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers some HUGE savings on a large selection of top-rated strategy board games such as Coups, The Resistance, Labyrinth, and much, much more! As I’m writing this, there are over 100 of them spread over 5 pages, so be sure to check ’em all out! [Save […]

Oregon Trail Games Returns In Physical Form


A generation of [grown up] American kids remembers this classic computer adventure game with one of the most infamous potential endings. It’s now available as a card game, with Target having the exclusive among physical stores, though it’s also on Amazon. • 58 trail cards, 32 calamity cards and 26 supply cards • Laminated, 2-sided wagon party […]

Luigi Wrestles Kirby [Video]


Every year the British group Attack Pro Wrestling put on an evening of combative cosplay themed around video games. In this bout the late Kris Travis plays as Luigi against a wrestler genuinely called (Martin) Kirby in one of the funniest clashes in the series. (If you like this, check out our report on the first in […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save BIG on Essentials for Pokemon Trainers (Battery Packs and more), Wera tools


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has some great deals on essentials for Pokémon trailers (battery packs, phone mounts and more!,) and up to 53% off on Wera Tools! –Essentials for Pokemon Trainers. Battery Packs and more –Save up to 53% Off on Wera Tools (Wrench Sets, Ratchet Sets, Screwdrivers)