Doom Gameplay: 5 Most Impressive Levels Built In Doom’s Minecraft-like SnapMap Editor


With all the video game talk this week being about the new Doom game (some love it, some hate it, like most games) we thought it might be nice to show you geeks some of the crazy levels fans are already building in the level editor. Like the game or not, features like this add […]

How to Play “Labyrinth: The Board Game” [Video]


When we first posted about the upcoming Labyrinth board game from River Horse, you guys totally freaked out, but apart from the fact that it would be released this summer, little was known about how it would be played. Now, thanks to the guys over at TheBeastsOfWar, we finally learn how! The video is kind […]

Well Played, Resident Evil Super Fan


A user on Imgur had posted seeing this car today while at work. While it may appear like an ordinary cop car upon first inspection, a closer look reveals this as the vehicle of the biggest Resident Evil fan in the universe, though we know not the owner’s true identity at this point. It is […]

Dorkly Comic: The Best Part About Video Games


In this comic, Julia Lepetit from Dorkly takes a look at some of the things that enrich our lives when it comes to playing video games. [Source: Dorkly]

Battlefront: Finally Worth Asking Price


Yup, seems about right for four hours of gaming. I’ll buy Battlefront now. Editor’s note: I bought the game last Christmas for my son, and I agree, while the game was fun at first, we barely play it anymore. (Imgur)

A Tribute to H.R. Giger: Pro Builders Create MASSIVE Alien Spaceship in Minecraft


From Everbloom Studios: Hello everyone, today we present to you our Tribute to H.R. Giger: Throughout our lives, many of us have been exposed to the designs of Giger through his work on album covers, paintings and most famously, the film: Alien. It stands a testament to the iconic power of Giger’s design that his […]

A PHENOMENAL Cosplay Photoshoot in the Desert [Pics]


While at the Maker Faire in Cairo, Egypt, cosplayer Angela Bermúdez used the opportunity to make a cosplay photoshoot in the desert. The location was 3 hours way from the city, but after looking at the photos, I can say that the trip was totally worth the hassle! Her costume choices (scavenger Rey, Traveler from […]

If Video Game Commercials Were Honest [Video]


The team at Cracked made this funny “honest” video that reveals the truth about video games and how some companies market their products to make the most money possible from their customers! [Cracked]

E-Gamers Charged With Match-Fixing


Two professional video gamers have been charged with matchfixing. The pair reportedly received a total of $87,000 to deliberately lose contests. Video gaming, or e-sports, have been getting more and more like more traditional sports in recent years. TBS announced a deal to start its own league for live broadcasts of Counter-Strike Global Offensive games […]

Lady Gets Massively Terrified While Playing Horror VR Shooter [Video]


Watch as a lady tries The Brookhaven Experiment game for the first time while wearing an Oculus Rift. I don’t think she’ll ever play again. Here’s another video of a dude playing the game. It actually looks pretty fun! [Karl&RenateVR]

The Best Video Game Weapon of All Time [Video]


Never played that game, but I hope that when you pick up that weapon, you automatically get 9 extra lives! [SpecialForce2]

When a Pip-Boy Ad Gets Done Apple Style [Video]


This internal Bethesda Game Studios video dates back to the Holidays 2013, and was used to show-off what the new Pip-Boy looked like to the company. [BethesdaSoftworksUK]