Stunning Cosplay and Happy Faces: Highlights from Montreal Comiccon 2024! [Gallery]

Montreal Comiccon 2024

Montreal Comiccon 2024 is currently underway, and as we’ve been doing for over a decade, we were on location to capture the magic and creativity of this wonderful event. The beautiful costumes on display were truly a sight to behold! We were only there on Saturday, but from what we’ve heard so far, the weekend was filled with joy, laughter, and an overwhelmingly positive vibe!

The smiles and enthusiasm of everyone we met were contagious, making this year’s Comiccon a truly memorable experience! Without further ado, here are our photos from Montreal Comiccon 2024!

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See you next year at Montreal Comiccon 2025, and until then, stay tuned to more awesome content! Next stop: Ottawa Comiccon in September!