Geeky T-Shirt Sale: THOUSANDS of Geek Tees at Just $16 Each + NEW HATS!

Geek T-Shirt Sale

Ladies and gentlegeeks, we were a little late in announcing our last t-shirt sale, so here’s another one that will last a little longer! For the next few days, you can get all of our geektastic tees as well as those from teepublic for just $16 each! There’s plenty of geektastic designs to choose from, so be sure to check ’em all out!

geek t-shirt sale

And as seen in the picture above, featuring my wonderful girlfriend, our designs are now offered ON HATS as well! Now is the time to stock up on some new tees for Summer time!

Geeks are Sexy T-Shirt Sale – Just $16 USD!
Geeks are Sexy Hats – $14 USD
Teepublic Tees – Just $16! (Be sure to select a category near the top!)

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