Halo Theme Acapella [Video]

The epic/classic Halo Theme done with mouths only! From The Warp Zone: We’re already excited for Master Chief to come back again in Halo Infinite, so we decided to throw it back with one of our favorite video game themes of all time. Isn’t Halo music just awesome?! [The Warp Zone] Advertisements


A Fantastic Mega Man “Bomb Man” Theme Banjo Cover [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Bomb Man theme from Mega Man by the always amazing Banjo Guy Ollie. [Banjo Guy Ollie]

Original Console Controllers Go Wireless With New Kit

If you’ve still got an original 80s console controller hanging about (or one from the recent mini Nintendo models), there’s now an easy way to make it wireless. 8BitDo has produced a series of $20 DIY kits that let you add wireless function without any soldering or particularly complicated tinkering. To use them you simply […]

Typo Causes Alien Idiocy

A notoriously poorly-received Aliens-based video game has been partially fixed by simply removing one rogue letter in the code. Released in 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines earned some truly dreadful reviews. IGN gave it 4.5 out of 10, which is of course a far worse figure in video game reviews than any other form of arithmetic. […]

UNCHARTED: A Live Action Fan Film Featuring Nathan Fillion [Video]

For this Uncharted fan film, Nathan Fillion worked in partnership with director Allan Ungar and a few of his buddies. The movie, simply titled “Uncharted” features Nathan Drake doing what he does best: Getting caught stealing antiquities and making fun of villains. Allan Ungar even allows a few “game worthy” camera shots when a short […]

When You’re “Just A Girl” in an MMORPG [Video]

This is a helpless girl who has never played this game before. [Viva la Dirt League]

Better Than Black Friday: Today is AMAZON Prime Day! – AMAZING DEALS! (Early Access)

Did you know that today is Amazon Prime Day? This is the day of the year where Amazon offers its best deals of the year, but there’s a catch: These deals are available to Amazon Prime members only (Get a free 30-day trial.) Here is our compilation of some of the best deals we stumbled […]

Real Life is the Worst [Pic]

[Via GG]