Goku Obliterates the Cast of Street Fighter II [Video]

Goku fights the cast of Street Fighter II.. and.. well, things go as you’d expect. :) [GamebillStudio | Via Dorkly]

Guile’s Theme (2017) Meets Metal [Video]

A fantastic cover of Guile’s theme from Street Fighter by Youtuber 331Erock. [331Erock]

Top 10 Frustrating Video Game Levels [Video]

Try not to fling your controller across the room. Or at least make sure your buddy’s not in the way. [Watch Mojo]

Nintendo Switch News Roundup: Classic Arcade Games, DOOM and Wolfenstein, and More!

Much of the marketing for the Nintendo Switch has been around a family-friendly image, but that’s not the case with two new confirmed titles: Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Both are from Bethesda, which is turning into one of the biggest supporters of the console. That said, it doesn’t seem to be treating […]

Have a “Critical Hit” Breakfast with this D20 Waffle Maker

Are you waffle good or waffle evil? a Critical Hit D20 Waffle Maker by the folks from Thinkgeek: One of the rules it’s okay to break (even if you’re Waffle Good) is that waffles are solely a breakfast food. Because whoever made that rule up clearly had an INT under 10. Much like bacon, also […]

MARVEL vs. CAPCOM: The Honest Game Trailer [Video]

From the company that’s not afraid to make the same movie over again and the people who will sell you the same video game five time, here comes the honest trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom! [Smosh Games]

Bears vs. Babies: The Monster-Building Card Game

From the creator of Exploding Kittens, here comes Bears vs. Babies: a monster-building card game where despicable babies are attacking by land, by sea, and even by air! And who will save us from this menace? Bears of course, and other vicious monsters too… wielding nunchuck-wielding T-Rexes. Oh no! Armies of horrible, despicable babies are […]

Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures “Capture-the-Flag” Board Game

Zero Gravity is a new innovative capture the flag game for 2 to 4 players. The game features over 80 magnetic miniatures (40mm) and a 3D arena. During a game, each player controls 14 miniatures that needs to score points (called cheers) to win the game. How does it work? Each miniature has a metal […]

NES Classic Returns Next Year

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic – but not until Summer 2018. It’s also extending supplies of the SNES Classic. After initial batches proved nowhere close to supplying demand, Nintendo originally said it would not be making any more of the NES Classic because its resources were tied up in another project, which turned […]

Great Fairy Fountain (from The Legend of Zelda): A Violin Cover by Taylor Davis [Video]

A beautiful cover of the Great Fairy Fountain theme from The Legend of Zelda by violinist Taylor Davis. [Taylor Davis]

An Out of This World “Wizard Study” Gaming Room [Pics]

Imgur user BenFTW42 recently posted pictures of his amazing “wizard study” gaming room to the site, and holy crap, that has to be one of the most awesome gaming rooms I have ever seen. Check out the rest of the pics (and a short video) below!

Table of Ultimate Gaming: The Ultimate Game Table System

This might very well be the table-top gaming system you’ve been waiting for all your life! This table system comes in many colors, finishes, and with many accessories to turn a regular gaming night into a perfect one. I also love the fact that this table can be turned into a regular dining table with […]