Netflix Games Not An Instant Hit

A new gaming “platform” is already averaging 1.7 million daily users. But many are calling that a bomb because the platform is Netflix. Analytics company Apptopia says that since the launch last November, Netflix games have totalled 23.3 million downloads, with an average of 1.7 million people playing on any given day. They also say […]

Mario Returns In First Person Horror

Think of any Mario game and you’re imagining fun in a third-person view. That’s why an unofficial in-development first-person horror game is so unsettling. Another Princess Is In Our Castle puts the player in Mario’s shoes – and view – as he explores Peach’s castle. Or to be more accurate, the castle where the ghost […]

Sony Axes Accolades On PS5

Sony is to ditch the Accolades feature in PS5 online gaming. It wasn’t widely used, though it’s not clear how many people even knew it existed. The feature let online gamers award badges to other players, whether teammate or opponent. The accolades acknowledged positive gaming traits such as being “Helpful”, “Welcoming” or a “Good sport.” […]