Creating The Bonesplitter Axe from Magic: The Gathering in Real Life [Video]

Watch as Odin Abbott from Odin Makes create a prop version of the Bonesplitter Axe from Magic: The Gathering in the latest episode of his show! [Odin Makes] Advertisements


This Kid Wearing a Hand-Crocheted Predator Costume Will Win Halloween This Year.

Action! Crochet! The new predator movie might suck, but this hand-crocheted predator costume is probably the best Halloween costume you’ll see for 2019! The costume was created by Stephanie Pokorny from Crochetverse, and if you want to built one for yourself, you’re out of luck for now: Stephanie has not released the pattern yet. Fortunately, […]

This is Dragon Con 2018: The Cosplay Music Video

Our friends over at Beat Down Boogie have just released their video featuring some of the best costumes from Dragon Con 2018, which took place about 2 weeks ago. The video also features Mark Meer (voice of Commander Shepard) in Fallout and Marvel’s Baron Blood cosplays, the cast of Agents Of Shield, Benedict Wong (Dr. […]

The Last Night – A Cosplayer’s Tale

A fantastic video from Maul Cosplay telling the tale of a cosplayer having to finish his costume the night before a convention. Please note that the video below might take a few seconds to load. We all know them, these last nights before the convention. A thousand things still have do be done in order […]

Han Solo in Carbonite Inflatable Costume

If you’ve always dreamt of being frozen in carbonite, this inflatable Han Solo in carbonite costume is just what you need! The adult-sized costume also comes with an inflation fan, gloves, and a mask. The perfect costume for next Halloween! –Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Inflatable Costume on Entertainment Earth

Goddess Diana Wonder Woman Cosplay [Pics]

Olivia Mears, aka AvantGeek on Facebook. looks absolutely perfect in her Goddess Diana Wonder Woman outfit. Everything was made by her apart from the circlet, which was made by Firefly Path. [Source: AvantGeek]

The Meeping Angel: When Beaker Meets Doctor Who [Pics]

A brilliant mashup between Beaker from The Muppet Show and a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who by cosplayer Shannon Swearingen. [Shannon Swearingen]

Avengers Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist

Ever felt like you needed to have so much control over the Universe that with a swift snap of your fingers, you could wipe out half it’s population (dated that guy once…)? Well now you can. thanks to this amazing electronic, articulated Infinity gauntlet!  Let your inner Thanos rage out while you imagine your ennemies […]