This Cosplayer Transforms Himself into Real Life Versions of Disney Heroes [Pics]

Sure, we see female cosplayers (and even male ones) transforming themselves into Disney princesses all the time, but we rarely see them slip into the skins of male heroes. But now, thanks to Jonathan Stryker, we can finally admire someone who can really transform himself into real life versions of animated Disney male characters. Behold: […]


Shawicon 2019 – Cosplay, Passion and Simplicity at Its Best

This weekend, your Geeks are Sexy team was in a wonderful little French Canadian town covering the fourth edition of Shawicon in Shawinigan, Quebec. This small gathering of very passionate people was the perfect blend of cute cosplays and local artists. No flea-market style tables here! In this intimate setting where supporting local talent was […]

Amazing Transformer Costumes Made from Trash [Video]

There’s nothing, it would seem, that Peter Kokis can’t turn into a robot. The Brooklyn performance artist makes cyborgs out of 100 percent recycled materials—oftentimes salvaged from the trash. He builds the 170-pound costumes on his kitchen table. When he’s done, Kokis parades through the streets, a veritable Transformer among mortals. [The Atlantic | Via […]

The Best Cosplay of 2018: A Music Video by Mineralblu

Some of the best cosplays photographer Mineralblu saw during 2018 while visiting 21 different pop culture conventions. [MineralBlu]

How to Make Bumblebee’s Head from the New Transformers Movie [Video]

From Odin: I make a helmet that looks like the head of Bumblebee as seen in the new Bumblebee movie! This DIY tutorial video will show you step by step how I made the helmet from EVA foam and some paint. No big power tools used this time, just a sander, heat gun, and a […]

This is Ikkicon: The Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video by photographer Mineral Blu taking a look at some of the best cosplays at Ikkicon, Austin’s Premier Anime Convention! [Mineral Blu]

This is Holiday Matsuri 2018 [Cosplay Music Video]

A fantastic cosplay music video from Holiday Matsuri 2018 by Youtuber MineralBly. Holiday Matsuri is a holiday themed convention held every year in Orlando, FL. in December. [MineralBlu]

Unicorn Costumes for Dogs

So these are a thing. I’m so sorry. Welcome to amazing world of pink unicorns! The mane and horn headdress will turn your pet into the cutest fairy horse ever. You’ll be proud of your dog when attending dress up parties, festivals or just walking along the street. And now imagine your kid getting this […]