Kiss Me Maybe: A Little Mermaid Parody [Video]

A fantastic Little Mermaid themed parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” by German artist and cosplayer Liechee Cosplay. This is really cute! From Liechee Cosplay: After an idea for many years and 3 months of planning and work I’m more than happy to show you our first parody of the film “The Little […]

Darth Bender: Bite My Shiny Metal Dark Side

This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is cosplayer and imgur member danpio1309 wearing his Darth Bender costume at Dragon Con 2019. Don’t you just love that the front of the costume opens to reveal a stocked mini bar with a pinup photo of Slave Leela? [Source: Imgur member danpio1309]

OUTRAGE: A Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume

A few weeks ago, we wrote about that new sexy Bob Ross costume that Yandy released, asking you guys who would be next: Betty White? Mr. Rogers? Captain Kangaroo? Well, guess what, geeks? Yandy has just released that sexy Mr. Rogers costume we mentioned. Behold: Here’s the “official” description: Won’t you be my neighbor? Entice […]

This Dragon Con 2019 Cosplay Video Will Leave You Happy and Smiling!

Don’t you just love the happy vibe that this cosplay music video from Beat Down Boogie radiates? I hope I can one day attend Dragon Con! It looks like such a happy party convention! [Beat Down Boogie]

DIY Dark Crystal Skeksis Mask

Would you love to cosplay but lack the time to create the most amazing costumes? We here, at Geeks Are Sexy, found a solution! Here a a downloadable template to create your very own skeksis mask from Dark Crystal! You too, will be able to walk around town mumbling MMmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm! For those interested, […]

The Best Cosplay of DragonCon 2019 [Pics + Video]

Here are some gorgeous photos and a cosplay music video from DragonCon 2019 by Youtuber and Photographer MineralBlu, one of the best and most prolific cosplay photographer we’ve seen on the web! [MineralBlu on Youtube | MineralBlu on Facebook]

Wait, What? A Sexy Bob Ross ‘Happy Tree Painter’ Halloween Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, every costume known to man is about to get the “sexy” treatment.  We thought wholesome Bob Ross would be free of this craziness but lo and behold, Yandy came up with a sexy version of our favorite happy tree painter.  And no, this isn’t a happy little accident…  Who […]

On Social Media, No One Can Hear Your Scream: Alien Loves Predator [Video]

These two are among the most awesome geeks living on this planet. [AlienLovesPredatorUK | Like “Alien Loves Predator UK” on Facebook]