Dad Turns Son’s Bicycle into Star Destroyer for Halloween [Video]

For this year’s Halloween, Andrew Guy sprent a few months building a Star Destroyer from Star Wars around his son’s bicycle, and I have to say, I’m a bit jealous! I want one too! The costume also has lights and plays the “Imperial March” out of an embedded speaker. Check it out in action below! […]


MCM London Comic Con 2018 – A Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

The guys from Sneaky Zebra were at MCM London Comic Con 2018 last weekend, and they’ve just released an awesome cosplay music video featuring some of the best costumes seen at the convention! [Sneaky Zebra]

The Internet’s Worst Halloween Costume Knock-Offs Will Make You Facepalm

With Halloween 2018 almost upon us, people are rushing to the stores to find the perfect costume, but the thing is, most of these are far from perfect. Here are some of the worst Halloween costume knock-offs people have shared over social media.

If You’re Going to Dress Like Batgirl, Do It Right [COMIC]

For all you awesome dads out there! (Comic by Chris Hallbeck / Maximumble) [via Fashionably Geek]

Man Builds Star Wars AT-AT Walker Costume for 2,000-Pound Horse

Mike of “Mike’s Tiny Shop” decided that for Halloween, Moana the 2,000-pound Clydesdale horse would be an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars this year, so he built the costume. You can purchase an AT-AT costume for your dog, but for your horse? I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make it yourself! He also wants to […]

Dad of the Year Builds Adult-Child Mech Warrior Combo Costume [Video]

A dad who goes by the name of Griddlock Cosplay has build an amazing Mechwarrior costume that requires both an adult and a child to function. The outfit also features some Arduino controlled LED lights, a cooling fan, a radar for nighttime navigation and a hinged doorway to let the pilot get inside. Check it […]

The Geektastic Cosplay of Quebec Comiccon 2018 – Part 2 [Picture Gallery]

As promised yesterday, here is the second part of our photos from Quebec Comiccon 2018 featuring some of the best cosplays we saw at the convention. If you missed our pics from part I, be sure to check them out right here. Many thanks to all of you who agreed to let us take pictures […]

The Geektastic Cosplay of Quebec Comiccon 2018 – Part I [Picture Gallery]

As we’ve been doing for a few years now, me (The curly haired viking in the pictures) and my beloved partner in crime (Princess Solo) were on location to cover Quebec City’s main pop culture event of the year: Quebec Comiccon! This year, the convention was designed for families, but as always, local cosplayers showed […]