The Amazing Iron Man Suit that Actually Works [Video]

Wayne Berendhuysen is a master cosplayer and prop maker. He created an Iron Man suit with a moving mask, arm blasters, and rocket boosters. He can even charge his phone through the suit. [INSIDER]

Amazing Ciri Cosplay (From The Witcher 3) [Pics]

Belarus-based cosplayer Alena Shvidkaya looks amazing as Ciri from The Witcher 3. Everything is perfect about these photos: The model, the costume, the location. Wow. Just wow. If you’re reading this from the front page of te site, the rest of the picture are after the “read more” link below.

The Beatiful Cosplay Photography of Cornelia Gillmann [Gallery]

Orth an der Donau, Austria-based photographer Cornelia Gillmann likes to tell a story with her pictures, and it clearly shows in her work. If you look at her portfolio on Facebook, you can clearly see how she evolved as a photographer throughout the years from 2011 to today. Here are a few of my favorite […]

Breathtaking Tyrande Whisperwind Cosplay (From World of Warcraft)

Cosplayer Narga-Lifestream looks absolutely amazing as Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft! She even got an owl for her photoshoot! Photography by KIRA photoarts. “I’m so so very happy! I cannot describe all feelings about that, I cannot say how much Tyrande means for me. So I hope my cosplay saying enought about my endless […]

Crocheted and Knitted Ghostbusters Dog Costume [Pics]

Artist Mia Svensson (@mightystargazer on Instagram) of Crivens! Studio likes to create costumes for her dog, and for one of her recent creation, she decided to crochet and knit a Ghostbusters costume for her little friend. Check it out! A few other costumes she created for her dog: [@mightystargazer | Via LS]

This Persona 5 “Ann” Cosplay Is Absolute Perfection [Pics]

Coslayer Shirogane-sama looks absoluely perfect as Ann Takamaki (in her Phantom Thief costume) from Persona 5. Photography by pollypwnz. For reference: [Cosplayer: Shirogane-sama | Photography: pollypwnz]

Snow Leia and the Seven Droids [Pic]

Unfortunately, you can only see two of her droids in the photo, but the rest are doing something else out of frame. Someday my Sith will come, someday we'll meet again, and away to our empire we'll go, to rule all the galaxies we know. #waitingfordarthprince #orprincemaul #slcc15 #501stlegion A post shared by ♡ アシュ […]

The Best Cosplay of 2017 [Mineralblu Supercut]

Some of the best cosplay Youtuber and artist Mineralbly filmed in 2017. 15 USA conventions. 12,000 miles travelled. [mineralblu]