When Slave Leia Meets Seven of Nine

While at San Diego Comic-con this year, cosplayer Krystle Starr showed up in a costume merging Slave Leia from Star Wars with Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager, complete with the character’s Borg hand and optical implants. What a great idea! [Krystle Starr on Instagram | Via Neatorama]

Sneaky Zebra’s San Diego Comic-Con Video is Out… and WOW!

This is the most amazing video we have seen from this year’s edition of San Diego Comic-Con, and unsurprisingly, it comes from Sneaky Zebra! Nick and Gary are truly the best at capturing the true essence of cosplay. Also, be sure to check out a surprising cameo from a pair of character beloved by geekdom. […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 in Pictures [Gallery]

This year marked the 49th edition of San Diego Comiccon (1970-2019), and even though we had no one from staff on site this year, plenty of awesome photographers were there to share some of the best costumes at the con with the world! Many thanks to MineralBlu and Track 7 Media for the amazing pics! […]

This is San Diego Comic-Con 2019: The Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video by MineralBlu featuring some of the best costumes seen at San Diego Comic-Con 2019! [MineralBlu]

Deadpool Hilariously Invades San Diego Comic-Con 2019 [Video]

Watch as Deadpool hilariously invade San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Don’t you just love this guy? [D Piddy]

Cosplay Photography Etiquette: The Comic

A comic by PC’s Convention Adventures teaching us about proper cosplay photography etiquette. I’ve been following the same rules since I’ve started doing cosplay photography in 2011. “A simple comic series about good/bad behavior as a photographer in the cosplay community. Despite its light-hearted tone, a lot of these stories are inspired by behavior I’ve […]

Cosplayers Attempt the Bottle Cap Challenge at ANIME EXPO 2019

Watch as various cosplayers attempt to do the bottle cap challenge while at Anime Expo 2019. Warning: Some short segments might not be safe for work. [KevinTheDirector]

Pack of T-Rex Race Down Horse Track [Video]

Watch as 26 people wearing inflatable T-Rex suits struggle to race down the track to the finish line over at Emerald Downs, a horse race track located Auburn, Washington. As far as I’m concerned, this is way more interesting than regular horse races! :) Here’s a video of the race from 2017: [Emerald Downs]