Be a Giant Squid With Articulating Arms This Halloween

This giant inflatable squid costume (with articulating arms) is over 9 ft. tall and includes an air pump that keeps it inflated while you’re wearing it. The tentacles can be controlled via embedded strings. Just the perfect thing to make a grand appearance at your next Halloween party. [Inflatable Giant Squid Costume With Articulating Arms]

If We Treated Trick-or-Treaters Like Cosplayers [Video]

From Ginny Di: Happy Halloween! Please be kind to cosplayers (and trick-or-treaters!) [Ginny Di]

New York Comic Con 2019: The Cosplay Music Video

New York Comiccon was a few weeks ago, but we’re still getting new content about the convention! Here is the cosplay music video from the always awesome MineralBlu! Enjoy! [MineralBlu]

Gaston Annoys Cosplayers and Flexes at New York Comic Con 2019 [Video]

Gaston goes to New York Comic Con to show off his biceps… [D Piddy]

Cosplayer Creates Amazing Tetrahedron Epcot Ball Gown

Cosplayer @skygetsfancy inspired herself from Epcot’s Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere at Disneyworld to create this amazing dress. This is one of my absolute favorite photos from this shoot, I love how much of the tetrahedron skirt this photo shows! I studied the pattern on Spaceship Earth A LOT and went through several patterns to figure […]

Injustice 2 Harley Quinn Cosplay

A great series of photos by Yaguar Photography featuring Irina Meier Cosplay in her Injustice 2 Harley Quinn outfit. Cosplayer: Irina Meier Cosplay Photography: Yaguar Photography

Ronald McPennywise: By the Power of Fast Food and Nightmares

A fantastic mashup cosplay from South African cosplayer Kelsey Atkins (@JinxKittie) mashing up two of the most popular clowns in America, Pennywise and Ronald Mcdonald, creating the one and only Ronald McPennywise. View this post on Instagram Can you tell I love Pennywise?! 😂❤ i am OBSSESSED with IT! In the past two years I've […]

Quebec Comiccon 2019 in Pictures – Part 2 [Gallery]

As promised yesterday, here is the second part of our photos from Quebec Comiccon 2019. Part one mainly featured pictures from Saturday, and today, we have photos from both days. I’d also like to thank my wonderful girlfriend, Marie-Hélène Amyot, who was there the whole weekend with me and also took some of these photos.