The Analog Blogger of Liberia

In a country where most of the population is unable to afford a thirty-cent newspaper and Internet service is something akin to having a pet unicorn, it’s easy to imagine that the news available to the masses is more than a little bit skewed by government control. That’s why Alfred Sirleaf, of the capitol city Monrovia, […]

How to Read Comics

While it’s true that not every geek has more than a passing interest in comics, fans of art and history (and art history?) will definitely enjoy the How To Read Comics series on the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog. Rob Vollmar is some kind of comics genius with the gift of ‘splain. The first installment, […]

FIRST! [Comic]

[Source: Shoeboxblog]

[GAS] Site Redesign: What do you guys think?

Hey Everyone! We’ve just finished implementing our new custom WordPress template. We’ve increase the site’s font size to improve its readability and increased the width of the content section so that we can now put bigger pictures and videos. We’ve also added a featured section on top to showcase the current featured posts. And no, […]

Beware the Tumbeasts! They will eat your Tumblr!

You might have noticed that Tumblr has been going down with some greater frequency lately – and their “we’ll be back shortly” page certainly wasn’t anything to write home about, especially compared to Twitter’s adorable fail whale. Well, The Oatmeal had a suggestion for a new Tumblr downtime mascot, and it looks like Tumblr has […]

Banelings! Banelings! Banelings! Ohhhhh!

For those Huskateers out there, StarCraft 2 shout caster Husky Starcraft celebrates his 300,000’th subscription with this awesome collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider. Enjoy!

Geeks are Sexy and Persistent Too – An Interview Featuring Yours Truly

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you guys know about an Interview featuring yours truly by the folks at nextmontréal, a news hub that covers web startups in the region of Montreal, Canada. I’m not exactly sure if [GaS] can be considered as a “startup” since it’s been running since 2005, but it’s […]