Dudes: Time to Club Away the Trolls

Isn’t it about time that we stood up and said that trolling just isn’t particularly cool? I’ve never really understood the appeal of pulling others down “just for the fun of it” without really meaning what you’re saying, anonymous or not. I figure it’s a natural evolution of the phone pranking that used to happen when the Internet wasn’t so mainstream. But has trolling taking light-hearted banter and prankstering – or even the idea of playing devils advocate – to a nasty level that just isn’t acceptable?

I’m inclined to agree with this guy, how about you?

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17 Responses to Dudes: Time to Club Away the Trolls

  1. Yeah, he's definitely right. It doesn't even matter that people troll her because she is a woman – it's the act of trolling itself that is so, as he called it correctly, pathetic.

    I just can't wrap my head around some things. For instance, I simply can't understand why university students have to steal food from each other out of the community fridge in the halls. Similarly, I will probably never understand what makes peoples brains tick whos only way to have fun is to take the fun away from somebody else. Sick, I call that.

  2. I’m with you on this one. Most of us go to sites to do something, game, chat, whatever. The “people” who go so they can be asshats are not fun. It gets old real fast.

  3. Admins should do a better job at removing children from trying out their new curse-word they learned in gym class. Hell, even ThePirateBay is quick to get rid of spammers.

    Trolling and cyber-bullying is pretty pathetic but the only way to separate ourselves from the simple minded is to ignore them. Or re-troll on them. Most don't spell well or have tween screen names. Idk, phuque 'em.

  4. Fear of "White Knighting" because you're afraid to stand up for anything due to the fact that you know inevitable someone is going to knock you down for it, and therefore you feel like you appear in that instance as an "idiot" or "ignorant" of some greater truth because you've taken an issue and drawn a line in the sand?

    Trolling is not an art. Sarcasm is not an art. They're simple, fundamentally skill-less endeavors that require no great secretive knowledge to employ, and as such as utilized by those who don't wish to have to invest any part of themselves.

    Any person who utilizes Trolling or Sarcasm *AS* an art, is utilizing far more than simple trolling and simple sarcasm, but instead are creating an opening for dialog by revealing a mistaken or misunderstood truth and putting a light to it so that others can re-examine the topic with their own opinions and insights. See also: Satire.

    You can defend the Trolls all you want, but you're picking the low-end of the spectrum to side yourself with. The least-common denominator of comedy isn't funny to those of us who require substance in our social and intellectual pursuits.

  5. The more people, not just men, stand up against ugly trollish behavior….

    ….the more trolls will troll.

    That's what I hate about trolls. They do it for the reaction. The more reactions they get, the more they do it. This is why we have the internet saying "Don't Feed the Troll".

    However, I don't think ignoring trollish behavior is right either. By not saying anything, we unintentionally give the impression (to the uninformed) that we AGREE with what they're saying. Silence can often–and is often–taken as passive agreement. As geeks, nerds, and gamers we don't want our silence to mean we're agreeing with trolls.

    I wish I knew what the answer for this problem is. I know some websites use a Thumbs Up/Down system. Unfortunately that gets abused by trolls too! :(

    Until a good answer comes, I–as a woman–will simply stay away from comment sections of websites where trolls are too prevalent or where bad behavior seems encouraged. It seems better to show my opinion by visiting the websites where trolls haven't already gotten the upper hand.

    • @draw2much

      "As geeks, nerds, and gamers we don't want our silence to mean we're agreeing with trolls. "

      The best trolls are geeks, nerds and gamers. Have you ever honestly had a great dungeon master who was not a troll and sarcastic prick in his heart of hearts?

  6. When people make videos like this, or a discussion like this, the trolls have won.

    The whole point of trolling is to get a reaction and they have most definitely succeeded. It will never go away, as trolling is an internet manifestation of crying for attention. Human nature, cant be changed. If people just ignored the trolls, the majority would lose interest. Its no different than dealing with a crying baby, or a barking dog. Once they realize they arent getting attention that way, they dont repeat the behavior.

  7. Didn’t watch.

    It’s simple. Trolls do it for the reaction. You rage? You’ve already lost.

    Don’t feed them.

    And don’t say trolling isn’t an art. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be called out for trolling. The idea is to troll them without them realizing it until after its happened.

    “Hey wait a minute, I’m being trolled.” – doing it wrong

    “Oh my god, I just got trolled.” – doing it right

  8. Trolling is the 'art' of intentionally causing distress to other people.

    In other words, it's sadism, and there is no excusing that. In fact it puts you well on the way to being diagnosed with a medically recognised behaviour disorder.

    The only reason it's so prevalent on the internet is anonymity. Just like any other form of bully, a troll is a coward, and they would never do what they do, if what they said and did could come back to them and have an affect on how people IRL treat them.

    It could also be a sign of a developmental disorder. Unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions is practically the defining charactaristic of being immature. Why else is it that most trolls, regardless of their age, come across as being teenagers? Because obnoxious, beligerant, irresponsible behaviour is the hallmark of a badly behaving teenager.

    And why is it that trolls hate 'white knights' so much? Because they hate anyone who makes them feel guilty and inadequate, on account of that person going out of their way to make other people feel good, when all the troll can do is make people feel bad.

    And then when they're confronted about their behaviour, they act like they're doing nothing wrong, and it's all just a bit of fun, or that the victim was asking for it.

    It beats me how anyone can be proud of a type of behaviour that's common amongst wife beaters, serial killers and rapists.

  9. i've always considered ogres to be physically strong, yet stupid. trolls, on the other hand, i've always imagined physically weak, yet cunning and manipulative.

    trolling is no art, it initially started as "saying it how it is" or "saying what everyone is thinking", but it's lame.
    the biggest fear a troll has is getting banned and when this happens, they have "someone" else say that said troll is loling at being banned. they also cannot handle being wrong and will respond with "lol, noob, who gives a fk about that?" or "i was just trolling, lawlz".

    yes, 4chan has everything to do with it… it was popularized there by sad individuals who have nothing in life to keep them busy or were hurt, perhaps even molested, as a child and having others get upset or put down eases their pain.

  10. Back in the early WWW days (aka – mid 90's), I was the webmaster for a site where the audience was technical and primarily male. I participated in what passed for online community then (BB's, chat rooms, email lists, etc.), as part of my site's vibe was community resource.

    When the community found out I was a woman (my IRL name is actually gender-neutral, but male about 90% of the time), about 40% of replies to my posts on community forums and BB's went from polite, respectful and engaging to condescending, sexist, and some variations on "what are you wearing right now?" (I started posting pictures of Xena, Warrior Princess to these responses.)

    And these weren't teenaged gamers – these were grown, intelligent, educated men (some of whom mentioned their wives and children, so also not socially inept) who decided the anonymity of the Internet let them get away with this stuff.

    Luckily, other members of the community would quash the ones who started to get extreme, and I received some contrite apologies about how it was "all in fun." Yeah, so much fun for me.

    It wasn't trolling like it is today, but I realized then and there that the Internet was going to be a weird, weird place for a woman with a technical career.

  11. Trolling is stupid. It's engaging in an argument with someone and then making fun of them or finding it funny when they argue back. It's pointless and annoying. The only real way for trolling to disappear is for moderators to come in with the ban hammer.

    This video though was mostly spent calling out guys for expressing their distaste for the feminist agenda and the idea that men are somehow holding women back still. Trolling is stupid but commenting on a site to say that you don't support someone else's project and deem it worthy of funding seems like a fair use of the internet to me.

    In summation, trolling is childish and stupid, this video was also stupid.

  12. its the internet. there is no stopping it. you cant win. if you dont like it then stay off and quit crying about it. women, blacks, whites, jews, asians, gays, straight, religion and everything else will always be made fun of. if its made by a troll or not. so someone please shut these babies up

  13. To put down others just for personal fun and later saying that a person meant nothing by it, does not excuse the pain, discomfort, or humiliation that is caused. Unfortunately it is far easier to throw rocks than walk a mile in some others shoes to realize that no human wishes to be served the amount of derogatory content that trolls spew forth. Trolls are no different the bullys, but anonymity makes it so everybody can be trolls. Discourse without name calling or put downs is useful. As to the message of the video I truly do not have an opinion on the message or intent of the message, like so much content on the net. Ignore is not right but getting admins to remove people that have made offensive messages are. It takes a community though to instill the type of discussion that will be warranted with engaged admins which is another rarity on the net. I generally avoid comments because they are generally not well moderated or engaged by entire community. Trolling will only grow worse because now it is seen as fun and entertainment for a future generation that have led to cyber bullying which add to pain and suffering of some individuals.

  14. There's different kinds of trolls. I'd rather keep them as they can be quite funny when done right. Get rid of the 12 yoa's, blowhards and kneejerk reactors. Some say trolls do it for the reaction – most I've encountered do it to fight idiocy and naivete. Granted there are the 12 yoas that like to play with "grown up" words, but the world needs irreverence. People like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Daniel Tosh, Kevin Smith, Larry Flynt and Quentin Tarantino. To buck the system and challenge the conservative elements.