The Facebook Post with a Million Replies

Facebook is all full of firsts. The groundbreaking website that defined modern social media has set a new record as a post has reached One Million Replies, officially setting a world record.

JustaGuyThing says:

on October 31st, 2011, a post was, er, posted, with the goal of reaching as many comments as the Frontierville Fan Group page could possibly muster. Only 100 or so different people commented, and those that did posted an average of over 9,500 times apiece. Needless to say, this wasn’t generated by a hilarious joke, powerful opinion, and certainly not sheer popularity. No sir. This was done by brute force and willpower.

Facebook has become such a social hub for so many, and it was only a matter of time before a benchmark like this was achieved.

But it was a thread about Frontierville? This game woudln’t exist if it wasn’t trying so hard to replicate the success of its predecessor Farmville. Oh, you don’t care about that game either? Odd that.

This is exactly my point. If this incredible landmark achievement was on a near endless thread about solving world hunger, or sharing ideas for a renewable energy source, I could see it having value. But this is like getting a Guiness Book of World Records for passing gas for the millionth time.

While it is an elite few that get recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records, and it’s not something that anyone can take away from them, I have to wonder if these intrepid facebookers are actually proud of this crowning achievement?

[Editor’s note: And when I think that this group only has 1141 fans… Imagine the greatness we could achieve with our 260k-fan-strong page! Ok, let’s all work to bring this post above 1 MILLION LIKES! (Below!) GO GEEKS! :) ]


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  1. By "money", do you mean "many"? "… goal of reaching as money comments as the Frontierville…"
    Also, the post had more than one million comments, not likes. Like WuLongTi said you could probably only have 260k likes if all your fans happened to like the same post. Anyway…

    That's pretty cool that they actually reached that many with so few people. They must have been on Facebook ALL day! Next record should be likes though. and Facebook actually probably has something watching the statistics (if not it could easily be done) so not like world's shortest or tallest person.. where maybe some unknown place someone is actually shorter or taller. and maybe there's another man (or a woman) that never stops hiccuping, but they don't know about all this "world record" stuff.

  2. Do we really are about this. This isnt really a record to be proud of. Are we really that interested in people making 1m replies in a post.

    • You were interested enough to comment!

      We always welcome engaged conversation, even if it is to emphasize your feelings that this article is a waste of time. Also, you ironically spent effort to comment on it while enforcing the same sentiment expressed in the article!

      • I can express my views, There's nothing wrong with that. Im commenting on this because i find it ridiculous that people want to advertise such an "Achievement". I'm not enforcing the same sentiment expressed in the article because those people looked to achieve 1 million posts whereas im merely commenting on how stupid it is. I seriously hate it when people say what you have said because i couldn't care less about the 1 million view post, I care more about why they are advertising it.

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