Support your fellow geek: Dark Matter Fanzine

Dark Matter Fanzine is a wonderful independent fanzine coming out from Melbourne, Australia to which I have a personal connection, and it is a publication that I adore.

Last year I put on a play in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011 called A Stitch in Time. True to the geek form, the play personified a bunch of physics concepts and was littered with jokes of a most physics persuasion – you can check it out at (don’t flame me for the terrible site design, I made it a long time ago and I was a total WordPress newb at the time!).

As a spin-off to the play, we created a 6-issue comic series called The Adventures of Space and Time. To fundraise, we held a little comic launch party and that’s where we met Dark Matter, when the editor, Nalini Hanynes, attended with her husband to take photos and write an article about us (check it out in Issue 5!).

This is the kind of awesome support I love to see within the geek community and I thought I should pay the favour back, and introduce the readers of Geeks are Sexy to the awesome geeky magazine that is Dark Matter.

Covering a full range of the geek world from comic reviews to interviews with authors (check out interviews with Eoin Colfer, Isobelle Carmody, Ian Irvine and more here), they seek to explore science fiction, fantasy, art, life, the universe and everything.

Their publications are completely free, available at and they fully straddle the social world with a blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed, from each of which Nalini promises to deliver a slightly different experience of Dark Matter from the fanzine itself. They’ve even got the State Library of Victoria making Dark Matter available in paper format (which is kinda cool!)

This is one of those things where you can look at what they’re doing, see the amazing effort that’s put in and be proud to say that you identify with the same subculture as these people.

Power to the geeks! Now go read Dark Matter!

Email [email protected] with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject field. Dark Matter promises that “E-mail addresses will be considered confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than distribution.”

Happy reading fellow geeks.

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