Job Offer: [GaS] is looking for a few good contributors

[Geeks Are Sexy] is currently looking for passionate IT people / geeks / writers who are up to the challenge of blogging a few days each week about geekdom, technology and other IT related topics. Here are some reasons you should consider writing for us:

  • Exposure
  • Write about your passion
  • Be part of a community
  • Get a salary out of something you’ve always been doing for free ($0.05 per word, max $50 per post / payable via Paypal at the end of each month)

The candidate must have creativity, very strong english writing skills, and some experience in the world of blogging/writing/journalism and technology. If you think you are up to the task, then we would love to hear more from you. Be sure to send us examples of your writings + links to sites where you’ve worked before.

Please note that only the chosen candidate(s) will be contacted.