ID This Item: Crowdsourcing Shopping

ID This Item is a brand new (like literally – it launched two weeks ago) crowdsourcing space where you can post the image of an item you’ve found on a blog or something and ask the community to tell you where to find it – or where to find similar stuff.

I actually met the creators of it the other day and they seem like pretty cool kids.

It’s a pretty nifty idea and one that I think might take off if enough online fashion bounty hunters join up and help out the poor people who just don’t know how to use Google.

Personally, I don’t do all that much online shopping, but I know there are droves of people out there who are absolute experts at it – and others who just get frustrated during their internet surfing when they don’t see a link to the item that’s being featured on a blog or that someone posted on Pintrest.

It’s still in the initial stages, so it may not be perfect yet, but I’d say give it a go if online shopping is your thing. If you join before 14th May apparently you get 100 Bonus hearts (which I believe is a sort of in-site credit system). Post your experience with it in the comments on this post?

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