6 Reasons Nerd Culture Needs To Take a Good, Long Look at Itself

From Gamergate to the toxicity of our game heroes, Topless Robot has some interesting thoughts on why nerd culture may need to step back and take a good, long look at itself if it intends to evolve as a movement. The last half year has not been the brightest hour for nerds and nerd culture. […]

GRASSROOTS GEEKS: How Two Podcasting Dads Fan-Funded Their Own Horror Convention [Interview]

Have you ever wondered what goes into a organizing a convention, let alone starting a brand new one, all on your own? Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier, two dads from Nashville, Tennessee, bonded over “Lost” and decided to launch a podcast based on another: “The Walking Dead.” After a feeble start, their “Walker Stalkers” podcast […]

Costumes Are Not Consent: Combating Cosplayer Harassment

Costumes are not consent. It’s a phrase you may be hearing a lot lately, and one we need to keep talking about. In the past few weeks, the internet has exploded with women speaking up about the treatment we receive at conventions and online. This isn’t a new problem that has suddenly presented itself. The […]

Thoughtful Comments on the Internet? [Pic]

Fortunately, most of the time this isn’t the case, but I do get these kind of comments from time to time, especially from those who are only looking to plug in their blog url under their comments. You know who you are. [Source: Jim Benton | Via Neatorama]

WordPress 3.5 Bug Removes Embed Code from Posts?

Hi guys! Just a quick observation and a question for those of you who have WordPress Blogs and have updated to version 3.5. Have you guys noticed if in Pre-scheduled posts, the embed code of videos is getting stripped out of your posts right before they go live? I noticed that yesterday, and each time […]

A Day in the Life of a Pro Blogger [Video]

Yep, as a full time blogger, I can confirm that this is partly true… Except that as a father of three, the routine is slightly more complicated. I also usually take a 2-hour break in the afternoon, and work an extra hour after the kids are asleep. Oh, and I also work 7 days a […]

Gungan Style…or is it?

So…this starts off as a way-too-late Star Wars parody of Gangnam Style and then…well, becomes something that is just a little horrifying from the perspective of a professional blogger. Though, perhaps, rather amusing to everyone else. In a dark way. *considers doing something more inline with the goals I had when I was seven* Ooh […]

Literary Nerds Alert: Twitter Fiction Festival

Ok fellow writing nerds – time to put those creative writing degrees to work. Many geeks will shun you for your arts degree with a major in creative writing and tell you you’re not a real geek. Here’s time to prove them wrong. The Twitter Fiction Festival is about using technology to change the way […]