The Pokeymans Project: Pokemon Drawn By A Person Who’s Never Seen Them

You probably already know Noelle Stevenson, whose Broship of the Rings made the interwebz a better place last year. Now she’s drawing Pokemon… but she’s never even seen most of them. So, uh, how does that work? Stevenson explains: “I’m having Pokemon described to me by intoxicated art students while we watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, […]


Dudes: Time to Club Away the Trolls

Isn’t it about time that we stood up and said that trolling just isn’t particularly cool? I’ve never really understood the appeal of pulling others down “just for the fun of it” without really meaning what you’re saying, anonymous or not. I figure it’s a natural evolution of the phone pranking that used to happen […]

Support your fellow geek: Dark Matter Fanzine

Dark Matter Fanzine is a wonderful independent fanzine coming out from Melbourne, Australia to which I have a personal connection, and it is a publication that I adore. Last year I put on a play in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011 called A Stitch in Time. True to the geek form, the play personified a […]

ID This Item: Crowdsourcing Shopping

ID This Item is a brand new (like literally – it launched two weeks ago) crowdsourcing space where you can post the image of an item you’ve found on a blog or something and ask the community to tell you where to find it – or where to find similar stuff. I actually met the […]

The Facebook Post with a Million Replies

Facebook is all full of firsts. The groundbreaking website that defined modern social media has set a new record as a post has reached One Million Replies, officially setting a world record. JustaGuyThing says: on October 31st, 2011, a post was, er, posted, with the goal of reaching as many comments as the Frontierville Fan […]

Job Offer: [GaS] is looking for a few good contributors

[Geeks Are Sexy] is currently looking for passionate IT people / geeks / writers who are up to the challenge of blogging a few days each week about geekdom, technology and other IT related topics. Here are some reasons you should consider writing for us: Exposure Write about your passion Be part of a community […]

A Geek Girl’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

by Meredith Placko While millions of Americans fought tooth, nail, and pepper spray to get their hands on some mighty deals, this geek girl somehow managed to avoid the annual contact sport known as Black Friday. While sitting in my office, pouring over YouTube videos of people at their very best in Holiday cheer (and […]