Is the Media Obsessed with Apple?

Apple receives a level of media coverage that could be argued as disproportionate according a new report. (And yes, we at GeeksAreSexy are aware of the irony involved in covering this report and giving the company even more publicity!) The Pew Research Center looked through 437 tech stories across 11 newspapers, three cable news channels, […]

5 Reasons the iPad Makes You (Apparently) Happy

We live in the future, having finally achieved the tablet computer if not our jetpacks. But are we happy? According to CNBC, if you own an iPad you most likely are. A study by the American Consumer Satisfaction index has put Apple high atop the technology tree, as it were, with a whopping 86% satisfaction […]

What is the iPad, really?

Jeff at the Aplepi blog recently wrote an article flatly dismissing the lineup of peripherals designed to bring a keyboard interface to the iPad, in an article entitled: “Please, for the sake of advancing technology, just let the keyboard die already.” Not because any specific peripheral was poorly made, but that “there are still plenty […]

Apple backtracks on Flash restrictions

Apple says it will allow app developers to more easily transfer Flash-based applications to the iPhone system, under certain circumstances. In a statement released today, the company said it was “relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code.” It’s billing […]

Headlines We Saw Coming: iPad Sees Rise in Digital Comics

Well, duh. While the rest of the world may find such information, courtesy of CNN, to be rather surprising (or something?) the geeks  just nod their heads. Do we get points for being forward-thinking? Probably not. Either way, apparently—shock of shocks—the iPad has given comics a major boost. While everyone’s been busy talking about the […]

Hitler’s Solution to Apple’s iOS Security Issues

As we’ve reported earlier this week, Apple’s iOS has a few security flaws that need to be fixed. Well Apple, it looks like you won’t need to get these patched since Hitler has the perfect solution for you. And the best thing about the Fuhrer’s idea? People will still have the possibility of jailbreaking their […]