Microsoft raises money to fix Vista by selling cupcakes

Sigh… I wonder when Apple will get tired about producing these ads? I have to admit that this one is funnier than the two previous ones though.

MAC vs. PC Musical Features Epic Fight, Gore, and Love Story

All those Mac vs. PC ads are really starting to get tiresome. I mean, how long has this been going on? Two years? Even Mac people can’t stand them anymore. Like it or not, computers are computers; they’re tools, and each have their own unique uses. So when I stumbled on this awesome MAC vs. […]

A Keyboard… How Quaint

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] CNET News reports that this week’s ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology could reveal some interesting new developments in the area of computer interfaces. But is it time to abandon the mouse and keyboard for Star Trek levels of speech input technology? Maybe not just yet. According […]

Apple Releases 2 New “Get a Mac” Commercials

Apple just released another batch of their “Windows-Bashing” commercials. They’re somehow trying to pass the message that Microsoft spends much more money on advertising than they do on fixing real issues with Vista. I’d be curious to compare the advertising budget of both companies to see who’s spending the most. I wouldn’t be surprised if […]

Apple’s new multi-touch trackpad demonstration

As most of you probably already know, the new MacBook has been released early this week. While the visual aspect of the beast is quite appealing, one of the features that I didn’t consider that fantastic was the new buttonless multi-touch trackpad. I mean, I already hate trackpads that have the “tapping” feature enabled, why […]

New Apple MacBook Manufacturing Process

In case you’re wondering how Apple managed to build the new MacBook out of a single piece of aluminum, the company released a short product tour that quickly shows how the laptop is manufactured. As usual, the video is extremely well made and features the intro music from Viva La Vida, the awesome new album […]

Apple Updates Its Entire Line of Notebooks

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Today was the big keynote event Apple fanatics have been waiting for.  Steve Jobs and his team graced the stage once more in order to update the Apple line and get it ready for the holiday shopping season.  While the summer and spring were both big events for the […]

Apple’s Laptop Event Causes a Lot of Buzz

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] On Tuesday, October 14 at 10AM, Apple will be having a keynote to show off some new innovations for their notebook line.  The question is: what will those innovations be? If the internet can be believed, the keynote will debut Apple’s next big bomb, a notebook that ranges from […]

Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” Dude Interviewed

In the following video, Microsoft engineer Sean Siler explains how he came to be the real “PC” guy inside Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign. Seeing him like that goes to show that yes, Apple does indeed try to make people think that PC users look like a stereotype.

ASK [GAS] : What was your first computer and how did it change your life?

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] I was a child of the eighties, and the first computer that my parents bought was a Tandy CoCo, on which my mom taught me to type when I was seven. That computer also jumpstarted my love of videogames, since hours of playing Maniac Mansion revved me up to […]

Microsoft Releases First “I’m a PC” Ad

Microsoft has launched its “I’m a PC” ad campaign last night, and compared to what they have done with their “Seinfeld and Gates” commercials, this ad really drives a point home. It seems that PC users are not at all like what Apple would like people to believe, and some of them can even be […]

The Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Show – Take Two!

While I thought the first ad was really disappointing, this one is pretty hilarious, even though once again, apparently pointless. But wasn’t Jerry’s original show supposed to be based around this kind of stuff, meaning nothing? I guess that the message behind the ad must be about how Microsoft is a people company, and that […]