Apple Awarded Patent for Time Machine. Product Launch Scheduled for 1985

by Derek Clark Contributing Writer, [GAS] Remember as a kid how you’d dream about all the cool stuff you’d one day enjoy in the future? Well, you probably don’t have a pink hoverboard or self-lacing sneakers just yet, but chances are, Apple has already patented it. Recently, reported that Apple was granted 563 patents […]

Got Extra Cash? There’s an App for That.

By Adrienne Crezo Contributing Writer, [GAS] The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 is in full swing and geeks around the world are in tech-rapture mode. The first big reveal (and perhaps the forerunner for Least Necessary New Technology) is the Human Touch AcuTouch 9500, a massage chair controlled by iOS devices through the HT-Connect app. So […]

Apple takes another step to world dominance

Apple has become the second company in the world worth more than $300 billion. Meanwhile, less formal estimates put Facebook at $50 billion. It was only last May that Apple overtook Microsoft, with a market capitalization of $221 billion. That figure represents a company’s current stock price, multiplied by the number of stocks in the […]

New Year, New Bugs: Hotmail and iPhone get tech hangover

Apple and Microsoft have both suffered embarrassing starts to the new year, with iPhone alarms failing to go off and entire Hotmail accounts disappearing for several days. Microsoft says it has now solved a problem that began on New Year’s Eve with users finding their e-mail accounts partially or completely empty. There seems to have […]

Apple Pulls Plug to Stop Leaks

Apple has stopped distributing an iPhone app that allowed users easy access to leaked US cables published by WikiLeaks. But it may be that the deletion has something to do with a technical breach of the App Store rules rather than the nature of the app itself. The application, named simply WikiLeaks App, was produced […]

Apple Emulator [Pic]

Can’t afford an Apple laptop? No problems, here’s how to easily emulate one: Thanks Michel!

Zombie Snow White Mac Decal [Pic]

[Source: Etsy | Via Buzzfeed]

Apple’s app store policy facing court challenge

Regular readers will know we’ve covered plenty of stories about Apple’s approval policy for inclusion in the iTunes App Store: a policy that has seemed inconsistent to say the least. Now one company is threatening to take the matter to court. Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet recently developed an iPad app that aimed to repackage the […]