Simple iPhone jailbreak doomed by security fears

As we had speculated, Apple is about to release a fix for a flaw in the mobile edition of Safari. The bug had been exploited by enthusiasts to allow a simple, no-computer-needed form of jailbreaking, but had the potential to be used for more sinister purposes. Although the jailbreaking technique was packaged to resemble an […]

Jailbreaking gets its own iPhone “app”

The crew behind the most prominent efforts to jailbreak Apple devices have come up with the most user-friendly way yet to jailbreak the iPhone. But the process has demonstrated some of the ironies of distributing such a technique. As we reported recently, officials have issued an official interpretation of copyright law which specifically says that […]

How Low Can They Go? New Kindle Priced at $139

While the publishing industry, and indeed readers themselves, are still figuring out just exactly what to do with e-readers and e-books, Amazon’s certainly not flagging. Engadget, and about 200 other media outlets, reports that Amazon’s new Kindle—in WiFi only format, of course—is going to be a paltry $139, just in time for the new school […]

Apple Poised to Top Microsoft This Quarter

Consider this a headline I never would have expected 10 years ago. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve used Apple products exclusively over the last decade, and it’s been an intriguing journey to say the least. But according to CNN, Apple is now the world’s most valuable tech company. While that fact in and of itself […]