Friday Afternoon Humor: Steve Wozniak is Footloose

Now that Zac Effron has dropped out of the new Footloose remake, guess who’s gonna be his replacement? Yes folks, the one and only… Steve Wozniak!

Six of the best April Fool’s Tech Jokes

It’s that day of the year again when journalists fear to print any story in case it proves to be an April Fool’s Day hoax. Here are our picks of some of the day’s most notable pranks in the tech world: Best cross-media hoax: British newspaper The Guardian reports that it will become the first […]

Steve Wozniak – Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 and 3

We’ve shown you Woz on his disastrous first week on Dancing with the Stars, now here’s Steve on his second and third week, dancing the Quick Step and the Samba respectively. The Quick Step The Samba & The Worm

Microsoft includes Apple stores in TV ad

Microsoft’s latest TV commercials take a stark step forward for the firm: it flat out acknowledges Apple. In the past, Microsoft advertising had always focused entirely on its own products, unlike Apple which runs the direct comparison tactics of ‘PC vs Mac’. Even when Microsoft threw in a not-so-subtle reference in its ‘I’m a PC’ […]

Apple coding hides mystery device

Apple is planning to release an iProd. And no, that is not a typo. The device is one of four works-in-progress which have been exposed by those folks who enjoy nosing around the coding of the iPhone operating system (as opposed to, say, making phone calls or listening to music). They’ve noticed the upcoming third […]

Oregon Trail Makes the Long, Arduous Journey to iPhone

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] My iPhone says I’ve died of dysentery. Though somehow, the fact that it comes from a cute little cartoon makes the blow a little easier to take than back in a computer lab twenty years ago with the green-and-black pixels of the original Oregon Trail. Last week, Oregon Trail […]

Girl Band iPhone Jam Session

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] I really kind of dig this video. The Mentalists performing live playing only iPhone apps that simulate musical instruments: Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, and DigiDrummer Lite. She plays the ocarina much better than I do.

Woz Dances with the Stars

Well folks, Steve Wozniak was introduced on Dancing with the Stars last night, and to tell you frankly, I can’t really tell you how he did. I was far too busy watching his partner dance. Yes, I know, shame on me. I’ll let you watch his performance and be the judge for yourself. Enjoy the […]

Nevada casinos alerted to card-counting iPhone app

The business model for casinos always includes the simple idea that in general, gamblers will lose more than they win.  Every game is constructed to fulfill that expectation, while still allowing enough winnings to keep hopeful gamblers interested.  Any factor that alters those odds, therefore, threatens the casino business. It isn’t illegal to count cards […]

Your iPhone Died of Dysentary [Oregon Trail Rumor]

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’re any kind of geek and you’re in my age bracket (18-25), you probably got excited when you read the title of this article.  The Oregon Trail is an iconic game for many young geeks because it was available in schools (something about being educational), fun to play, and a bit […]

Woz to Become Dancing Queen

No, this is not a joke folks. Steve “Mac Daddy” Wozniak will be featured on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. We have no idea if Steve actually knows how to dance, but I predict this will spread through the Web like wildfire, bringing endless hours of mirth to hackers worldwide. Good luck […]

I’m a PC and I’m 4 ½

What can I say, this one was so darn cute I had to post it. I really think Microsoft has a winner on their hands here. I’m not saying that it makes Windows the better platform, but from a marketing point of view, I think this is way better than anything Apple has ever come […]