Coming Soon: The Best Buy-Pad

Given the theory that the iPad would be a good fit for the ultra-casual computing audience, there may well be a gap in the market for selling similar devices in stores which are a little more mainstream and accessible to the non-geek than the ultra-cool Apple Store.

That certainly seems to be the theory at Best Buy which looks set to launch its own tablet device. Robert Stephens has recently posted two photographs on Twitter showing a device which certainly appears to take the iPad as inspiration. The first is shown above, while the second photograph simply shows the rear of the device complete with a Rocketfish logo.

That’s a brand name used for some products made by third-party manufacturers exclusively for Best Buy. Unfortunately that means we can’t tell too much about who will make this device or what it will run. Interestingly, though, Stephens did respond to a question about the device running Android by saying ” the question is: Is 2.2 ready for the tablet interface?”

In turn, that’s prompted speculation that the Best Buy tablet might run WebOS, though that speculation also comes from the way the size and socketry on the photos is similar to the original plans for the HP Slate. The only problem with that theory is that you’d normally expect HP to make products under its own brand name.

Without further details of the device’s specs, it’s tough to predict exactly how well a Best Buy tablet will sell. But if the chain can make a profitable device for around the $250 mark without simply coming off as a cheap and nasty Apple imitation, it could certainly capitalize on the appetite of consumers who never realized they wanted a tablet until the iPad came along.

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