Scrollbars Through History [Pic]

There’s quite a few Windows scrollbars missing from the picture. Hmmm, I guess this was put together by a Mac user! :)



6 Responses to Scrollbars Through History [Pic]

  1. Also missing: various GNU/Linux desktop scrollbars – there are so many that they would deserve their own list.

  2. Amigas scroll bar made more sense from a usability standpoint. The up/down arrows were beside each other at one end of the slide bar. That meant that the user wouldn't need to switch from fine motor control of the mouse to gross motor crontrol back to fine motor control to switch from up arrow to down arrow or viceversa.

    Yet another reason why the Amigas ROCKED.

  3. I got a new computer for my birthday, and OS X Lion takes some real adjusting for an old lady. The scrollbars disappear! And this touch-interface mouse- well, I love it but it does things randomly that I don't want on occasion. And the hand movement to scroll is backwards from my old mouse. I still have to go use the old computer (Tiger) from time to time to access some obsolete software, and switching back and forth is jarring.

    But I really shouldn't complain. I have a new computer! The pros very much outweigh the cons!

    • theres an option in your mouse settings to change the mouse direction from natural to default (what you're used to).