The Caves in ‘Skyrim’ Versus The Caves in ‘The Witcher’ Series


This meme taken from Imgur, as funny as it is, sort of sums up what is wrong with gaming right now.

Real talk here. Gamers played Skyrim and complained about how each cave seemed to have an opening and a (rather conveniently placed) exit.┬áBut, same gamers get The Witcher 3, with its intricate and realistic caves that often have very hard to find exits, and they get just as mad. Proof we are now so whiny we cannot be pleased no matter what we get. I, for one, find the easy exits of Skyrim to be wholly more fun. I don’t play video games to get caught up in the realism of their cave systems.

I play video games to have fun. To me, being lost in a realistic cave is just not that fun. I could do that in real life. Also, if I wanted realism, I wouldn’t be playing games where people have sex on stuffed unicorns and scream at dragons. Yes, reality was left out when I hit power. Again, games should be fun and we should be less collectively whiny.

Someone needed to say it.

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