Fallout Dropping Straight Knowledge

You gotta give Bethesda props sometimes. They just know how to keep it simple and to the point. Take this Fallout fact for example. Who would’ve possibly figured that out without the aid of “Fallout Facts”? Via Advertisements


Someone Fixed the New Tomb Raider Movie Picture!

Now THAT’S the Lara Croft I remember. Stuff like this is why you can’t even be mad at the internet. Looks like someone decided to take the set photo from the new Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander (a.k.a my future life partner) and make it a little more befitting of look of the first […]

For Honor: The Puddle of Death DLC

From brave warriors to noble cowboys, it is clear the smallest bit of water is the largest threat to many video game characters. For Honor is no exception. Seems like even a puddle of water is far deadlier than any armada anyone can throw at you. Don’t worry about those 200 guys wielding massive weapons to […]

Never Forget How You Started…

Damn! Right in the feels. (Reddit)

Red Dead 2 (Technically 3) Fever Has Already Hit Its Comedic Apex

Here’s a great spin on the “shut up and take my money” meme that Fry from Futurama made so famous over the last five years. This one looks to address the current Red Dead 2 obsession that is definitely only going to grow into a fever pitch before the game’s release this time next year. […]

The Justification As To Why All Hardcore Gamers Get No Sleep, EVER

We all have different versions of the above excuse. Mine two go-to’s are: Gotta get to next save point. (and/or) Need to save game after BOSS fight. Those are the two excuses I would use most often when gaming late and wanting to game even later. And what is funny is, the excuses tend to […]

Stuff Like This Is Why Nintendo Has Diehard FanBoys

You cannot help but be impressed by this. I had my last phone in storage for a week and it died. But six plus years (am I wrong or is six plus years seven years? Just seems like basic deductive logic) and Nintendo DS (3DS, 3DS lite, 3DSx, 3DxYz or whichever model this is) turns […]

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs Would Make No Man’s Sky the Best Game Ever

Found on Reddit today, can we just stop and imagine for a second how amazing it would be in No Man’s Sky if you could discover random Rick and Morty easter eggs sprinkled throughout the massive galaxy? Imagine for a second how schwifty that would be?