Geek Love Burn: Let’s Take a Moment To Talk To ‘Jamie’

Hey Jamie, I guess she just wasn’t that into you, bro. Sorry your ‘epic love fail’ made it onto the internet, but to the same degree, thank you. This is both sad and hilarious, and I appreciate that. Hope you got through it okay. If it makes you feel any better, here is a video […]


When Even Your Xbox One Doesn’t Know Why It Isn’t Working…

Well, that isn’t very helpful at all, is it? (Imgur)

More Video Game Logic At Its Finest

Video game logic. Because who needs logical logic when you are fully immersed in gaming? No one. That’s who. (imgur)

Please Let Me Win the Spelling Bee [Comic]

I wonder who ended up winning. [Source: PerryBibleFellowship | Like “PBF Comics” on Facebook]

Life Inside A Pokeball

See people. Pokemon do not have it that bad once they retire back into their pokeballs. It is just like a Tardis. Much bigger on the inside. (Via Imgur)

Bringing Back the Best Mark Hamill Picture of All Time

I know you have seen it before, I know it gets posted once a year, but that is the point. This picture is as majestic as a unicorn, and I am sure when Hamill took it he had no idea that one day the Internet would make the picture famous, yet here we are, our […]

Hilarious Illustrated Chart of Winter Hazards by Gemma Correll [Comic]

You think you’ve escaped the cold, icy grip of winter? You could not be more wrong. Cartoonist Gemma Correll¬†¬†drew this handy guide to some of the lesser known winter hazards we still are all in danger of encountering. Although the further and further we get from Christmas, the less we have to worry about sentient […]

Fallout Dropping Straight Knowledge

You gotta give Bethesda props sometimes. They just know how to keep it simple and to the point. Take this Fallout fact for example. Who would’ve possibly figured that out without the aid of “Fallout Facts”? Via