10 Video Game Hackers Who Were Sued


Video game hacking may seem like fun and ‘games’ (see what I did there?), but the reality of that subculture is sometimes people are caught and have to face fairly sizable consequences for their actions (hacktions should be a word, by the way). This list focuses on some “hackers” who ended ended up getting sued for […]

Brandish Thy Blade: White Dwarf Magazine is Back!


The fact of the matter here is either you know of (and loved) White Dwarf magazine, or you never heard of it and even hearing of its return will mean little to you. But to most old school fantasy and tabletop game fans and Warhammer groupies, it was more than a magazine. It was like […]

QUESTION: What Is YOUR Desert Island Video Game?


It is a simple question but one I have never been posed so I thought I would pose it to all the geeks and gamers who read this site (thank you for that, by the way). If you were to ever be stranded on a desert island and could only bring one game (and the […]

Help Fund the Coolest Dice Set of all Time


Do I even have to tell you why you need to help fund these dice? Most of us who are true geeks have played tabletop games that require dice that have more than six sides. While there have been many cool variations over time, how cool would it feel to help fund the next coolest […]

Attack on No Man’s Sky: Top 10 NEW Games Of August 2016


All you pretty much have to say to me is Attack on Titan and No Man’s Sky and I already know which games have me drooling the hardest to get my hands on this month. And here are 8 others, too. If No Man’s Sky lives up to its true hype and potential, after August […]

7 Times Games Made Us Do Actual Things In Real Life


I know it is a lazy thing to say, but one of the best things about gaming is forgetting about your responsibilities and being able to sit in one place for hours and hours without moving. If we wanted to do actual STUFF, we would go outside. We would play Pokemon Go! All kidding aside […]

All Four Generations, Side by Side: A Journey Through Time


Granted, it might be kind of cumbersome, but that would be cool to have at your house. Imagine having all the gaming generations represented with all the different systems? I think that may have just been added to my bucket list. (imgur)

The Developers of The Witcher Deserve a “Being Awesome to Gamers” Award


…And this meme perfectly sums up why CD Projekt RED are the kind of developers you SWEAR you would be if you developed games. They include awesome bonuses in their REGULAR games, and throw free DLC at gamers that in some cases are better than some full games that cost full retail price. May we all […]

Yes, Bubsy Made the List: Top 10 Worst PS1 Games


As much as we may balk at the original Playstation’s graphics and gameplay now, we have to remember, it gave us games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7, so the system was, literally, a game changer. Sadly, for every game up to Metal Gear Solid’s caliber, there were ten to twenty games that […]

The Amazing Spectator’s Arcade Cabinet By Bally (That No One Saw Ever Used In Real Life)


So as one Imgur user pointed out, at one point during the arcade revolution of the 80’s, Bally released a spectator’s arcade cabinet for people watching the player and waiting for their turn. I can confidently tell you, between the 80’s and 90’s, I must have spent a thousand dollars at arcades, easily (God bless […]

Charting the Unchartered: Top 10 Uncharted Characters


Uncharted is one of the greatest game franchises of all time. With its amazing mix of action set pieces with gorgeous visuals and likable, believable characters, it is an stellar game series that almost every gamer can unanimously agree upon (as being awesome). But who are the top 10 characters in the Uncharted series? WatchMojo would […]

The New ‘Overwatch’ Character Seems A Little Odd….


The last thing you hear is “Howdilly Do Neighbor” before you see your character killed without any mercy by the death machine that is Ned Flanders. Please note, Flanders is PROBABLY not in the game, just saying. Props to this Imgur user with the genius sense of humor.