His Overdue Fees Would Be In The Thousands By Now

Sometimes when you are flipping through old boxes or you move somewhere new, you realize you may have held onto something a wee bit longer than you were supposed to. Rental games (or sometimes videos) are pretty common to find in your boxes of old stuff, but it always makes you say Ooops out loud […]

‘Legend of Zelda’ as a Studio Ghibli Movie [Pics]

There are just no words for how amazing Matt Vince’s mashups between “The Legend of Zelda” and “Studio Ghibli” movies really are. I would pay all the rupees in the world to see this happen. Wow. Just wow. [Source: Matt Vince]

WoW: Even Orgrim Has Bad Days

Makes me feel better about my own bad days, which seem to happen every day. It’s okay, Orgrim. We will buy you another one. {Imgur}

The Caves in ‘Skyrim’ Versus The Caves in ‘The Witcher’ Series

This meme taken from Imgur, as funny as it is, sort of sums up what is wrong with gaming right now. Real talk here. Gamers played Skyrim and complained about how each cave seemed to have an opening and a (rather conveniently placed) exit.┬áBut, same gamers get The Witcher 3, with its intricate and realistic […]


You know, that moment in Skyrim when you find thistle (ALL THE THISTLE), and realize, little else matters. Come on! We have ALL been there at least once. Right? RIGHT!!??? (Imgur)

Daily Fallout: Shelter: We Could Do Without The Sarcasm, Man

You cats know I love Fallout: Shelter and I know a great many of you do, too, which is why I am constantly on the hunt for hilarious Fallout: Shelter memes or screen-caps. Anyone who has played this game knows, the characters tend to say some things at not the most keen of moments. But […]

Nah, You Do It: Professor Oak Wisdom

Seems like a completely rational thing for a grown man to send a child to do. Well played, Professor Oak. Well played. [Via Imgur]

It Looks Like Link Finally Beat That Massive, Canine Boss Fight

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well then, this one is worth two thousand, it is that awesome. Link took that thing out, no issue. [Via Imgur]