Please Let Me Win the Spelling Bee [Comic]

I wonder who ended up winning. [Source: PerryBibleFellowship | Like “PBF Comics” on Facebook] Advertisements


Bringing Back the Best Mark Hamill Picture of All Time

I know you have seen it before, I know it gets posted once a year, but that is the point. This picture is as majestic as a unicorn, and I am sure when Hamill took it he had no idea that one day the Internet would make the picture famous, yet here we are, our […]

More Hilariously Painful Parkour Fails

One thing we geeks love thinking we can do is parkour. We imagine we can flip off walls and jump from rooftop to rooftop. That is until we try it and realize we are not X-Men. Here are some parkour fails that will make you feel better about sitting in front of that console for […]

Skyrim: How To Get 100% Damage Resistant Armor [Comic]

Well, the kids ARE invincible in Skyrim. This makes way more sense than it should. Wish I could see a follow-up comic to just how bloody this all played out. [Source: jonx0r-draws on DeviantArt]

What Happens When You Mix A Marvel Movie with a Romantic Comedy?

Most geeks LOVE Marvel movies, but could live without romantic comedies. For that reason alone Vulture has created this awesome(ly) strange mashup that shows us what a rom-com would look like if it took place starring some of our favorite spandex and leather clad superheroes.

Fallout Condoms: Safer Than Vaults

I have no words for this, but I approve of it 100%. Fallout “Vault Protection.” Pure genius. (Imgur)

Playing ‘Dark Souls’ Summed Up in Gif Form

View post on Yup, Dark Souls‘ is kinda like that. Over and over and over and over again. Please tell me you noticed who was looking in from the hallway? Little touches like that make this a masterpiece gif in every way. God Bless Imgur and the genius user who created this.

That Moment When Gaming Breaks the Fourth Wall and Hurts Your Feelings

WELL, I, UM, BET YOU DON’T HAVE AN N.P.C, A.I CONTROLLED FRIENDS OR WHATEVER! *Hits power and runs off crying at how deeply those words cut. God gaming, I love you. But sometimes you really hurt me. (Imgur)