Official Death Spell Gameplay – Final Fantasy XV

I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and anytime a new Final Fantasy game drops, the thing I am oft most excited about is seeing the summons (or whatever they choose to call them this time around) in action, as well as witnessing some of the more powerful spells being casted for the first time. […]


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – New Gameplay Details Emerge

Well all know Deus Ex games are fantastic, and Mankind Divided doesn’t look to be breaking that winning streak anytime soon. Here are some new details about this massive game that is sure to leave fans foaming at the mouth for more. [PlaystationAccess]

Top 10 Legend of Zelda Clones

The Legend of Zelda is a pinnacle franchise in gaming history. It changed how many gamers looked at gaming itself (bigger game, first game to have saves) and implemented many features and future tropes that many modern games still use. For that reason alone, there are many Legend of Zelda clone video games out there. […]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Looks Meaner, Cooler, Uncannier

The newest Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided looks like it is going to push the already astounding series even further in terms of graphics, gameplay, and freedom of choice for player. Take a closer look at just how badass and insane the new Deus Ex is with this stellar vid from OutsideXbox. [Deus Ex: Mankind […]

Augs, Augs, Augs: 6 Things We’re Excited for in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The versatility and variety in the way you can achieve your goals in the Deus Ex games have always been what has drawn people to them. But will the new Deus Ex offer up the same kind of freedom, or will we be forced to use our guns more than our minds? Check this video […]

Fallout 4: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series – Perception and Strength

Let’s none of us even pretend Fallout 4 is not going to be the best game ever, because it is (until Last of Us 2 comes out, anyway). In the last week or so, Bethesda has begun releasing this video series that focuses on certain aspects of the new Fallout game (and that gaming universe […]

That One Emo Giant In ‘Skyrim’ Who Hates His Life

The great thing about open world games is that they tend to have a life of their own, and it exists with or without you. And sometimes, as a result of a dynamic world like that, you see some things you don’t expect. Like this troll giant throwing a tantrum because his Dad wont let […]

The Caves in ‘Skyrim’ Versus The Caves in ‘The Witcher’ Series

This meme taken from Imgur, as funny as it is, sort of sums up what is wrong with gaming right now. Real talk here. Gamers played Skyrim and complained about how each cave seemed to have an opening and a (rather conveniently placed) exit.┬áBut, same gamers get The Witcher 3, with its intricate and realistic […]