5 Reasons to Switch from Mac to PC

Yep folks, this kind of article has been long overdue… and guess what? It was written by a Mac user and Mac developer. The author’s number one reason to switch? Productivity trumps religion! Yet, depending on how a company uses Macs, trying to integrate the computers into a company’s workflow can kill productivity, Keanini said. […]

The future of portable tech: Solid-state fans

The biggest reason behind mobile technology being limited in size and performance is the inability of manufacturers to cool hardware appropriately. Every portable device on the market is either horribly underpowered or larger than necessary. This is because most gadgets with acceptable specs need large fans and heat sinks to keep them from burning through […]

Expensive Wii is still just a Wii

We here at GeeksAreSexy aren’t really into bedazzled electronics like those Lindsay Lohan types. In fact, we pretty much despise anything pink, sparkly, or alive. This Wii is pretty cool though. It was originally awarded to winners of Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament and was created by Crystal Icing. It will run you about […]