Next Big Thing in computing: scented laptops

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In an attempt to make the PC even more personal, ASUS has introduced a new line of notebook computers, the F6 series, that feature colorful case artwork combined with matching fragrances.   The computer apparently actively emits the scent while powered up, since ASUS states that “the lifespan of […]

Introducing the $10 Laptop

Would you like a laptop with that? India’s getting ready to debut a notebook computer at near-McDonald’s-level prices. The laptop, now under development in Bangalore, will sell for $10 US currency. It’ll be marketed toward “higher education applications” — college students, we assume. Government officials revealed the plans for the product at a conference this […]

How HDTVs will destroy mankind

Ok, I have to admit I went a little over the top there with that headline. Nonetheless, it seems that LCD TVs could soon become an environmental hazard when people start sending them to the landfills to replace them with shiny new models. For now, they’re not really dangerous, but eventually, when people start dumping […]