Deal of the Day: 1TB 7200 RMP SATA II WD Caviar HD: $99.99, Shipped

Looking to get yourself a brand new hard drive with plenty of disk capacity? has an awesome deal today on the 1TB 7200 RMP SATA II Western Digital HD (WD1001FALS), which can be yours for $99.99, shipping included. WD Caviar Black drives combine a high performance electronics architecture with a rock solid mechanical architecture […]

New MS Laptop Hunters Ad Pimps Dell XPS 13 Laptop

In this new Laptop Hunters ad, Lauren and her mom are looking for a fast laptop with portability and a long battery life. As can be expected (hey, this is a MS ad, after all), their choice doesn’t end up on a Mac but on an XPS 13 laptop.

Apple’s Response to Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters Ads

PCs with no viruses, crashes, or headaches? According to Apple, this doesn’t seem to exist. But we all know that’s mostly lying propaganda, don’t we?

Modded Roomba Lays Down Graffiti for its Brother to Clean Up

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you are familier with iRobot, the people who make the everybody’s favorite robotic vacuum cleaner, you know they are famous for their hacker spirit.  There’s even a hackable version of the Roomba to support the community of tinkerers who have gathered around it. Well iRobot has been doing […]

Macbook Airs Suck

Ok, this guy is obviously taking things a little too far, but still, we get the message. I’ve always been a big fan of the X300 myself. For portability in the corporate world, there’s no better option. Oh and one thing Haurum, the X300 is a Lenovo machine, not IBM. IBM has stopped manufacturing laptops […]

Speed the key to next-gen Bluetooth

The next version of Bluetooth technology should mean lower power consumption, higher transfer speeds and wireless syncing of music and video libraries between computers and portable devices. The changes are part of Bluetooth 3.0, which effectively became official today when the industry’s Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) agreed to adopt the standard. It’s the last […]

Retro Hardware Orchestra

Can you get any geekier than Bohemian Rhapsody played by an orchestra of vintage gadgets? I think not. From the YouTube page: Please note no effects or sampling was used. What you see is what you hear (does that even make sense?) Atari 800XL was used for the lead piano/organ sound Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as […]

Microsoft agrees to free repairs on E74 Xbox bug

Microsoft has agreed to extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 to cover the ‘E74’ error. This bug is different to the much-publicized ‘red ring of death’. It’s indicated by one quadrant of the power indicator glowing, and an on-screen message displaying the error code E74 and informing users to contact Xbox customer support. Once […]

Feature: Wait, did you say “Flamethrower”? – The Robogames Combat Robots

Combat robots aren’t exactly new – the first season of the Comedy Central show “Battlebots” aired in 2000 and the games had been going strong since 1997. What’s interesting, however, is how 11 years of robot evolution have affected the sport. Back in 2002, the spinners ruled the day. But today’s robots are meaner than […]

Inside a Google Data Center

From a presentation last week in Mountain View, California, here’s a video tour of Google’s Data Center. Could you ever estimate how much wire is involved here?

.50 BMG API Ammo Versus 18 Hard Drives

Our crazy pals at [H] were curious about how many hard drives a .50 Caliber Armor Piercing Round could go through, so they’ve decided to test it. Check it out below.

Your Printer is a Spoiled Brat

Honestly, we don’t know how Computer, Keyboard and Mouse put up with him all day.