How to Get Masivve Ammounts of Coment on Your Atricles [Comicc]

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Pottermore + Google = eBooks for Everyone

When J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore, the interactive Harry Potter website set to launch in full this October, the biggest part of the announcement (aside from OMG HARRY POTTER) was that the author would be releasing all of the series’ titles on ebooks “available for every ereader”. But until this week, no one knew how that […]

“Unlimited Bandwidth*” [Comic]

Yes, because “unlimited Bandwidth” almost never means unlimited. [Source: loadingartist]

Little Squink! Monsters are Creepy and Cute [Picture Gallery]

Chris Squink (Squink!) is a graphic designer and painter in Dronfield, UK. His custom sculpted toys are a nice blend of dark and lovable, combining elements like sad, laquered eyes with, oh I dunno, dead birds and stuff. Creepy! And adorable. These images are from his gallery and Facebook page and are all in private […]

Unleash Your Fingers ft. JayFunk [Video]

You may find that the first 40 seconds are a little boring, but be sure to keep on watching till the end! For the launch of the Galaxy SII in France, Samsung brought JayFunk, the internet Finger Tutting phenomenon, from Los Angeles to Paris to deliver an incredible and surprising choreography. [Youtube]

Study: Parents are Facebook Lurkers [Infographic]

According to a recent survey of parents using social media, 55% say they’re only on Facebook and Twitter to monitor their children’s online activities, with another 5% admitting they’d do the same–if they knew how. Eleven percent of parents polled set up their Facebook accounts purely to “snoop” on Jim and Jane, 15-percent have tried […]

Man Connects to Internet with Ancient Modem [Video]

K.C. has the oldest piece of computer hardware I’ve ever seen–a modem from 1964-5, complete with finely crafted wooden case. It’s got a good 20 years on me, and it still works. The story goes like this: Background: This modem was given to me ~1989 by the widow of a retired (IBM?) engineer. has […]

It’s a Series of Tubes [Interactive Map]

If you’re curious about things like where your Internet service comes from or what a giant system of cables that spans the globe looks like, it’s your lucky day. Compiled by Greg Mahlknecht using resources he found on the internet, this map shows the major pipes flowing to and from all major countries by way […]