Google gets social with new search refinement

Google has begun experimenting with a feature to customize search results to reflect your online social network. The idea is to give extra weight to information and opinions from people who you have already formed an online relationship with such as friends and colleagues. The new Social Search feature will take particular account of posts […]

Facebook tweaks policies to deal with member deaths

Facebook is to launch a scheme allowing the pages of users who have passed away to be reclassified as a memorial. It’s designed to cut down on inappropriate automated messages but may also limit media intrusion. The issue has come to prominence recently after the site tweaked its “Suggestions” panel. Previously this displayed details of […]

Hulu to Move to Subscription Model in 2010

Well, the honeymoon couldn’t last forever. I have to admit, Hulu did seem too good to be true from the get-go. For this little family of three, living our days without cable were made a bit easier with the freedom of Hulu, especially during the first season of Legend of the Seeker. Um, wait. Did […]

Thursday Morning Humor: How to fix a Google search?

Whenever you’re looking for a bit of fun, never forget that Yahoo answers is an endless source of mirth. [Via Yahoo Answers]

Goby: The Search Engine for Getting Out of Your Chair

Now, I’ve got admit, when I heard about Goby–the search engine designed to match your interests with current events in your area, or any area for that matter–I quirked a bit of an eyebrow. What’s this now? Do we really need another search engine, let alone one that tries to fill a rather specific niche? […]

Twitter and the Oprah Effect

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] According to the latest Pew Internet survey, one in five of you want to tell everyone what you’re up to in 140 characters or less. More specifically, 19% of Internet users are posting status updates on Twitter or another service (I would imagine that Facebook is the runner-up, with […]

Google rumor has promising sound

Sometimes you hear a rumor that has very little detail, but the very idea of it is momentous enough to take seriously. This could be one of those cases: Google may be getting into the music business. Very little is known at the moment, with most reports tracing back to a post on TechCrunch. That […]

Going Beyond the Streets with the Google Street View Trike

Since Google Street View cars are somewhat limited to conventional paved roads, the folks at Google thought to equip a trike with the gear necessary to take pictures of spots which are normally not reachable by four-wheeled vehicles. Check it out. You can even go and vote for the trike’s next destination by visiting the […]

Meet the Google Street View Guys

A brief look into the lives of the Google Street View dudes.

Wikipedia in your pocket

At times Wikipedia can seem like the most amazing thing ever, or the dumbest idea imaginable. The same can be said of a new device which puts the entirety of Wikipedia into your pocket. The WikiReader is a $99 handheld device which contains what’s effectively a copy of the entire website (thought it is “limited” […]

Could a Facebook poke put you in the pokey?

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] A woman in Tennessee was recently arrested for… a Facebook poke. The poke in question violated an order of protection (i.e., restraining order), since an OP prohibits “telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner.” This definitely includes electronic communication (I’ve seen judges vehemently remind respondents that it means […]

Fun with the D&D 4th Edition Character Builder

By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] Although I’ve been playing a 4th Edition campaign for over a year now, I hadn’t had a chance to play with the D&D Character Builder yet. While our campaign has been extremely successful –the longest-lasting most enjoyable we’ve ever run– my husband, the DM, wanted to give one of […]