Microsoft’s Hilarious Internal Office 365 Promo Video [Video]

Apparently, that video was put together for Microsoft’s annual sales conference, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it got released on the web intentionally. Don’t you find it ironic that the video is hosted on Youtube? [Via] Advertisements


Geek Web Shows: Beyond The Guild

By Josie Campbell for Clicker. When you say the words “geek web show” most people will immediately name “The Guild”- but they aren’t the only geek-culture series tearing up the internets. It’s never been a better time to fall in love with a geeky web show, starting with: The Guild Of course this list starts […]

Email: 10 Years Ago vs. Now [Comic]


Google+ vs Facebook [Comic]

I haven’t said this in years, but you should really be paying attention to MySpace. [Beatriz Torres aka Zirta via @GuyKawasaki]

Pottermore + Google = eBooks for Everyone

When J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore, the interactive Harry Potter website set to launch in full this October, the biggest part of the announcement (aside from OMG HARRY POTTER) was that the author would be releasing all of the series’ titles on ebooks “available for every ereader”. But until this week, no one knew how that […]

“Unlimited Bandwidth*” [Comic]

Yes, because “unlimited Bandwidth” almost never means unlimited. [Source: loadingartist]

Little Squink! Monsters are Creepy and Cute [Picture Gallery]

Chris Squink (Squink!) is a graphic designer and painter in Dronfield, UK. His custom sculpted toys are a nice blend of dark and lovable, combining elements like sad, laquered eyes with, oh I dunno, dead birds and stuff. Creepy! And adorable. These images are from his gallery and Facebook page and are all in private […]