Facebook gets into mobile messaging

Facebook has launched an all-in-one messaging app that blurs the line between social networking and texting. The standalone app, available for both iPhone and Android handsets, is set-up to be logged into a Facebook account. Users can then send a message to one friend or multiple people at once. To select recipients, the user simply […]


The Atlantic’s Google Earth Puzzle

The Atlantic’s In Focus with Alan Taylor is running a fun thing — the Google Earth Puzzle. You get 25 really spectacular images with vague clues (the one for the image above reads “This community lies near the intersection of seven rivers.”) to their location. The challenge is to figure out where each one is […]

Facebook Profile Dress Fail [Pic]

This Facebook profile dress comes from Romanian designer Lana Dumitru. Now that you’ve seen this, here’s how you too can become a world famous designer in 4 easy steps: 1: Print your Facebook profile over a large sheet. 2: Wrap yourself in it! 3: ??? 4: ART! As far as I’m concerned, I much prefer […]

Media May Have Failed IQ Test

A widely reported “study” showing Internet Explorer users had lower IQs than users of other browsers is looking suspiciously like a hoax. The story originated with a press release from what apparently is “a Vancouver based Psychometric Consulting company” named AptiQuant. The story received widespread coverage as fact, with accompanying comment from writers. (For the […]

Overburdened with Fail: Diablo 3 Is Online-Only

It’s a Blizzard theme day, apparently. Earlier we showed you the seven-minute preview video of Diablo III gameplay. Epic, amirite? But wait, there’s more. Because, hey, we’ve only been waiting a decade. Diablo III, the long-awaited, many-fabled unicorn of point-and-click RPGs, that same super awesome game you witnessed earlier here on Geeks Are Sexy, can […]

CIA [Comic]

As usual, the tooltip is the best part: “It was their main recruiting poster, hung up nearly ten feet up a wall! This means the hackers have LADDER technology! Are we headed for a future where everyone has to pay $50 for one of those locked plexiglass poster covers? More after the break …” [xkcd]

Social Media Propaganda Posters [Pics]

Check out this series of cool Twitter, Facebook, and Google + propaganda posters by graphic designer Aaron Wood. [Aaron Wood]