Opera Strives for a Bigger Chuck of the American Market

By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] We hear a lot about Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. And of course, there’s been recent buzz about Google’s Chrome. But few Americans outside web design and IT have ever heard about Opera, a browser that is far more popular globally than you might expect. In fact, Opera 10 […]

Google CAPTCHAs another internet tool

If you thought Google couldn’t possibly take control of every aspect of the internet, you were wrong. If you’ve ever tried to sign up to a website or post a comment, and been asked to type in a word or numbers that appear in a picture – or worse, try to figure out the difference […]

Shift Happens Update: Did You Know 4.0

Did You Know 4.0 is another official update to the widely popular Shift Happens video. This new version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist.

Google Fast Flip breathes new life into old news

I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a periodical. I’ve never had newspapers delivered to my house. I don’t have any magazine subscriptions. I completely avoid the local news. But I am a news hound, and I check multiple sites daily, even when their format isn’t great. For me, the appeal of online […]

More useless information from Google: Internet Stats

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] ReadWriteWeb alerted us to the stealth release of Google Internet Stats, a new service from Google in which you can browse or search for trivia about the Internet and related topics – just in case you can’t waste enough time on Wikipedia or YouTube. The service is hosted […]

How Google Street View Works – In Stop Motion

In the following 2-minute stop-motion short, Google Japan explains how Google Street View really works. Cute isn’t it? [Via Jalopnik]

Do Social Networks Make Us Dumber?

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] According to an Australian psychologist, Facebook makes you smarter, but Twitter makes you dumber. Why? Well, it has to do with exercising your working memory. Staying on top of Facebook is like solving puzzles, since it hones our ability to remember and use information. But more “micro-level” activities like […]

How Much Are You Worth Online?

I don’t know whether to be scared, insulted or flattered: Apparently I’m worth $695 to the “underground community”. The figure comes from an online promotional tool by Symantec designed to value your online security. It’s based on a 10-page quiz asking general questions about what type of activity you carry out online, how much money […]

Google gets a Monopoly, but it’s only a game

The game Monopoly is going global. That’s not just a marketing phrase. It’s literally going global thanks to an online edition which extends the board to theoretically cover every street in the world. Monopoly City Streets, which launches today, will use Google Maps as its game board. Players around the world will start with $3 […]

Wednesday Morning Humor: Facebook Mom [PIC]

A good reason why non-tech savvy parents should be banned from Facebook:

Birth of the Internet

It was 40 years ago today, September 2, 1969 that scientists connected two computers at UCLA with a 15-foot cable, and had the machines communicate with each other. The test data was meaningless, but the breakthrough eventually led to the formation of the internet. However, there were plenty of other milestones. Which date should we […]

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

In the following video, ‘E-Mom’ Gloria Bianco shows Today Now’s hosts Jim and Tracy how geographical distance is no longer a roadblock to shamelessly interfering with the lives of your children, thanks to online services such as Twitter and Facebook.