November 25: Update your Parents’ Browser Day

There really isn’t a good excuse to keep on using IE6 in 2011 you know? So why not use a little part of your day, since most people are off from work in the US right now, to go and upgrade your parents/grand parents’ browser? And even if you’re from somewhere else, just use your next visit to your old folks’ place as an opportunity to do it. They probably won’t mind all that much (at least they won’t in 2-3 weeks once they get used to the new interface), and you’ll be doing everybody a huge service in making the Intertubes a more secure place.

[Via The Atlantic | Picture Source: Flickr (CC)]


6 Responses to November 25: Update your Parents’ Browser Day

  1. My parents started using Firefox ages ago. It updates automagically. (Still my dyslexic mother will always get me and ask “What do I have to do now?” When the message that firefox (or a plugin) has been updated. The answer is always, it’s just a notification, just close it.)
    My little sister uses Chrome because she claims it runs faster on her oldie machine.
    I’m keeping my geeky superiority intact by running Aurora (Firefox alpha release).
    Also I’m the only one running a cutting edge Linux box, my sisters both use a Ubuntu LTS install and my parents use an infernal windows XP.

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