How to Seek & Destroy Terrible Ideas [Comic]

Hmmmm, That sounds like something that could end up being massively profitable. Unfortunately, it looks like the domain is already taken. :(

[Source: Dork Tower | Via Geekdad]

6 Responses to How to Seek & Destroy Terrible Ideas [Comic]

  1. Kickstopper doesn't go far enough. Just offering money to stop bad ideas won't work. It's much cheaper to just hire assassins to take out the studio execs who greenlight this crap. They'll start to get the idea after the fourth or fifth exec turns up dead.

  2. Holy CRAP (<–insert real profanities here), I looked it up, and they are ACTUALLY MAKING A WOODY THE WOODPECKER MOVIE. wtfwtfwtfwtf.

    I would contribute all of my assets–real AND imagined–to make that not happen.

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