Free Snail-Mail Postcards Courtesy of Google

It’s hard to get surprised in the era of “right here, right now.” I mean, receiving emails from relatives and friends is pretty common these days, so even if it’s for a special occasion such as Christmas, we tend to shrug them off pretty easily. But getting a real postcard in your mailbox? Well, there’s […]

Using Twitter on your AT&T Phone? Meet the 677 Page Phone Bill!

If you’re a heavy “twitterer” and are using the service on your AT&T smartphone, be sure to sign up for unlimited data, texting and ebilling, otherwise you may end up with a 677 page phone bill like the guy below. [Via TechEblog]

Is Anyone Riding the Google Wave?

As excited as I was about Google Wave, right out of the gate, I’m still scratching my head wondering exactly what it’ll do for me in the long run. Yes, I can see how it might help collaborative projects, which is fine. But there are a few glaring issues that—even though the product is in […]

Twitter Stream on Giant Electronic Billboard Fail

Even though it seems like a great idea, putting a live twitter stream on a giant electronic billboard is just something that could put some people into really deep trouble, as shown by the picture below. [Via Buzzfeed]

Apple’s Schiller approves of app approvals

A senior Apple executive has refused to apologize for problems with the approval process for applications with the iPhone app store. That’s despite a combination of developers complaining that perfectly good apps get delayed or rejected, and some clearly inappropriate apps make the cut. To recap some notable decisions, Apple has said “yes” to a […]

AOL Previews New Rebranded Ugliness

You knew it was coming. Or chances are you didn’t, because the likelihood of you using AOL and reading Geeks Are Sexy are kinda slim. As Gigaom reports, and about fifteen people might have noticed, AOL is rebranding. Yes, another dinosaur of the early internet boom is going for a redesigned look, in a rather […]

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

With retailers moving the start date of the shopping season earlier and earlier each year, has just launched the Black Friday section of their site today, helping you save hours of precious time better spent in the comfort of your own home. Who likes to be trampled by a horde of stampeding shopper who […]

AT&T versus Verizon: There’s a Lawsuit for That.

So remember the Verizon “there’s a map for that” commercial that first aired during Monday Night Football last month? It only took a few weeks for AT&T to take legal action, claiming that the ad was misleading to the point of deceptive trade practice. Their complaint? Not that the spotty AT&T 3G coverage map (which […]

LinkedIn…to What?

Keep getting invites to LinkedIn? Here’s the hard truth about the so-called social job network!

Wipe your butt with Google [PIC]

Google is not only the name of a major search engine (among lots of other things), but apparently, it’s also a brand of Vietnamese toilet paper. According to Google translate, the text on the packaging says: “Very long, soft, smooth. Of high vacuum, because you always!” Thanks Korben!

Google Chrome OS Demo

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security. This is a demo video to give you a feel for the Google Chrome OS user experience.

Twitter on TV a reality in Europe

Twitter can be used for as many purposes as there are types of communication, many of them of great social and political importance. But for many of us, it’s a way to discuss TV shows as they are broadcasted without running the risk of swamping a traditional message board forum with one-liners. The one big […]