Five Years of Firefox

Yes folks, this week marks the fifth anniversary of our favorite browser here at [Geeks are Sexy]: Firefox. Five years is a long, long time on the Internet, so let’s celebrate these five years by spreading the word around and making the Web an even better place for everyone!

;-) (or, Attack of the Emoticons)

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] First let me say that I carved an emoticon pumpkin for Halloween, taking a cue from some other geeky jack-o-lanterns. And I imagine that most of you use them on a daily basis – when you need a wink, a smile, a grin, a frown, or even a o.O […]

Internet helps, not hinders, social networks

New communications technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones, have not made people less social, according to a study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. While the number of people the average person interacts with has declined, the internet isn’t necessarily the cause, and the theory that social isolation has tripled in […] Gets a Facelift, Ten Years Later (Still Looks Five Years Older)

(Note: So, clearly, as pointed out in the comments, I reviewed the wrong site, and not the revamped one. I missed the fact that the site was being previewed and not entirely launched, which explains some of the non-streamlining… hehe. Entirely my oversight, and likely due to the fact I’ve been sick for over a […]

Now it’s Twitter in your pocket

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a $99 device which gave you access to Wikipedia – and nothing else. I concluded that it would be nice to have one, but at $99, you could get much better value with even a cheap cellphone. If I owned a WikiReader, right now I’d be looking […]

Amazon PayPhrase offers alternative payment service login

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Amazon Payments, a subsidiary of Amazon that competes with PayPal and Google Checkout, announced a new service called PayPhrase that allows you to make purchases online using only a phrase and a PIN. “That’s so much easier than remembering a username and password,” I hear you snark.  Or […]

40 years ago: And Lo, the net was born

Forty years ago today, the first message was sent over the Internet. And forty years ago today, somebody’s internet connection went down for the first time. The Internet as we know it has its origins in the Advanced Research Projects Agency, an American group set up in the late 1950s as part of the technology […]

Google gets social with new search refinement

Google has begun experimenting with a feature to customize search results to reflect your online social network. The idea is to give extra weight to information and opinions from people who you have already formed an online relationship with such as friends and colleagues. The new Social Search feature will take particular account of posts […]

Facebook tweaks policies to deal with member deaths

Facebook is to launch a scheme allowing the pages of users who have passed away to be reclassified as a memorial. It’s designed to cut down on inappropriate automated messages but may also limit media intrusion. The issue has come to prominence recently after the site tweaked its “Suggestions” panel. Previously this displayed details of […]

Hulu to Move to Subscription Model in 2010

Well, the honeymoon couldn’t last forever. I have to admit, Hulu did seem too good to be true from the get-go. For this little family of three, living our days without cable were made a bit easier with the freedom of Hulu, especially during the first season of Legend of the Seeker. Um, wait. Did […]

Thursday Morning Humor: How to fix a Google search?

Whenever you’re looking for a bit of fun, never forget that Yahoo answers is an endless source of mirth. [Via Yahoo Answers]