The Secret Inspiration for the Internet… [Comic]

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Overburdened with Fail: Diablo 3 Is Online-Only

It’s a Blizzard theme day, apparently. Earlier we showed you the seven-minute preview video of Diablo III gameplay. Epic, amirite? But wait, there’s more. Because, hey, we’ve only been waiting a decade. Diablo III, the long-awaited, many-fabled unicorn of point-and-click RPGs, that same super awesome game you witnessed earlier here on Geeks Are Sexy, can […]

CIA [Comic]

As usual, the tooltip is the best part: “It was their main recruiting poster, hung up nearly ten feet up a wall! This means the hackers have LADDER technology! Are we headed for a future where everyone has to pay $50 for one of those locked plexiglass poster covers? More after the break …” [xkcd]

Social Media Propaganda Posters [Pics]

Check out this series of cool Twitter, Facebook, and Google + propaganda posters by graphic designer Aaron Wood. [Aaron Wood]

Question: Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

I’ll just leave this link here and let you guys figure out why such a thing could be true (or not!) in the comments. Are users of other Web browsers smarter than the people who use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? A new survey doesn’t quite say so. But it sure as heck suggests it. The survey […]

Feedback: Offline vs. Online [Comic]

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The Man Without a Facebook [Fake Movie Trailer]

Haven’t you heard? You ain’t Googling doodely-squat! [Via Neatorama]