Quadruple Lightning Strike Causes Google Data Loss

Google has confirmed that four lightning strikes led to a tiny amount of permanent data loss in its online cloud processing service. It appears to be an extremely unlikely freak incident, though Google says it will continue to work to reduce such risks. The incident took place near a data center in Belgium where Google […]


Emoji Use Across The States

Nevada likes eggplant. Oklahoma’s into ghosts. And Vermont is all about the poop. That’s the somewhat unscientific conclusions of SwiftKey, which decided to publicise its app by looking at the pattern of emoji use among its customers in different states. Contrary to some reports, the map above is not a depiction of the most popular […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: O’Reilly’s Learning Series Sale (Up to 40% Off and More!)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 40% off (and even more!) on featured learning series titles from O’Reilly. Learn all about some of the most popular programming languages and more (Perl, Python, Bash Shell, VI, etc…) at ridiculously low prices! [O’Reilly’s Learning Series Sale (Up to 40% Off and […]

The Line That Probably WON’T Make The ‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake

Every Final Fantasy fanboy is drooling right now at the thought of the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake. This is also leading many to play it again to see things that may or may not make the cut. Suffice it to say, one Imgur user figured out one line of dialogue that most certainly wont […]

Google Fiber Free For Public Housing Residents

Google is to offer free broadband to people living in public housing and other affordable housing project properties. It will also offer free computer skills training. The free service, which will have no connection fee, will be available initially in Atlanta, Durham, Kansas City and Nashville before being rolled out to all cities where Google […]

Reddit Hit By Widespread Protest

Reddit’s comparatively open nature has come back to bite it with a protest over the firing of a leading employee. Victoria Taylor was a key figure in the popular “Ask Me Anything” sessions on the site. Taylor, who used the name “chooter” on the site, was in charge of recruiting and verifying participants, both celebrities […]

Gmail Adds “Undo Send” Feature

Google has added the ability to unsend messages as a formal feature in Gmail. It had previously been available in experimental form and still has only a limited use. The feature originally appeared in Gmail Labs, an optional setting on Gmail that lets you try out ideas Google is still developing, with the associated disclaimer […]

France Wants “Right To Be Forgotten” Extended Worldwide

French data regulators have threatened to impose financial penalties if Google doesn’t remove controversial links from its search results worldwide. The demand goes a step further than the original “right to be forgotten” ruling. The European Court of Justice last year ruled on a case relating to the balance between the rights to privacy and […]