MC Hammer gets deep to battle Google

MC Hammer’s latest catchline is “Search once and see what’s related.” But it’s not a song line, it’s a business proposition. Yep, MC Hammer is launching his own search engine, WireDoo. The selling point is that it goes deeper than the rest and isn’t scared of multiple relationships. And no, that’s not innuendo. Speaking at […]

Parker Pooh-Poohs Facebook Privacy Panic

Facebook billionaire Sean Parker says data overload is a bigger problem for the site’s users than the much talked-about privacy issues. He also acknowledges Facebook is losing “power users” to Google+, but doubts this poses a serious long-term threat. Parker, who co-founded Napster and is best known in the mainstream for being portrayed by Justin […]

Felicia Day is “Tallis” – Dragon Age: Redemption Hits the Web

After much waiting and anticipation, the first episode of Felicia Day’s new webseries has hit YouTube! Dragon Age: Redemption is based upon the popular game series from Bioware, though seems to be all Felicia – this “Knights of Good production” gives her created by, written by, and starring credits. Watch below! My verdict? Awesome. It […]