8 Internet Tips From Your Grandmother [Pics]

A series of awesome photographs listing 8 great Internet tips featuring Chacho Puebla’s great-aunt. (Once you click on the first picture, navigate to the next one by hitting the “next” link)

[Source: Chacho Puebla | Via BIOTV]


4 Responses to 8 Internet Tips From Your Grandmother [Pics]

    • I said the same thing when I reblogged this on tumblr. It sucks when something so awesome has such a glaring grammatical error :-(

  1. All THAT you read. Interesting idea at first but I was so irritated by the grammatical errors my 7 year old doesn't even make, it took the fun out of it.

  2. come on guys and let's play this new World of Warkraft I've never heard of before….
    Who would write it with a 'K'!?