Super-Easy Free Online Coding Academy

Here’s a fun way to lose a couple hours of your day while learning something useful: Codecademy. It’s a little bit Programming 101, a little bit social network (badges!), and a lot of easy-to-use interface. For those geeks who aren’t super-savvy with Javascript, it’s a good place to start. Here are my first 4 seconds […]


A Visual Explanation of Crowdsourcing [Infographic]

[Daily Infographic via DVICE]

Flashback: The Internet in 1995 on MTV News [Video]

This video is so old that Billy Corgan, Dave Matthews and Moby still had hair. Also, people knew who they were. Coolio shows up, which seems as though it bears mentioning. Watch as the world discovers email, chat, and Twinkie haiku. The video also warns that the World Wide Web is filled with naughty material, and […]

Barbershop Punk: A Movie About Net Neutrality [Video]

Facebook fan Georgia Archer is one-half of the two-woman team heading up the Barbershop Punk documentary project. The duo is Kickstarting funds for the film, which features interviews with  Damian Kulash of OK Go, Janeane Garofalo, Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye and many others. BARBERSHOP PUNK is an independent feature length documentary directed by two women and inspired by the journey of one man who challenged […]

DRAMA: Users Reporting Facebook Blocks of G+ Invite Links

Ruh-roh, Reorge. Though Mark Zuckerberg didn’t waste a second trying out Google+ in the early weeks of beta, it seems his capacity for amicable competition doesn’t extend to letting Facebook users invite their friends to try out G+. YouTuber rss1357 posted this video of his attempts to post an invite link to Google’s social media site, which […]

Free Online AI Course Draws 70,000 Student Hopefuls

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI 101), a course offered through a partnership with the Stanford School of Engineering for free online from October 10 through December 16, has received more than 70,000 pre-registration sign-ups. Participants will be allowed to register in late summer, according to The instructors, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig are rockstars […]

The Tiniest Little Desktop Ever [Video]

If you’re wondering whether this is real, the answer is yes… technically. If you’re wondering whether or not it really works, the answer is “Who even cares!” It’s awesome and even has a tiny little outlet all its own, which you can see on the right. [source]

NASA’s “Up All Night” Perseids-Watching Party

If you’ve ever dreamed of staying up late chatting with NASA astronomers while watching the Perseids streak across the sky, tonight might be the best of your life. And even if you aren’t all OMGNASA, you can still catch a glimpse of the meteor shower if you’re in the right place (and the moon doesn’t […]