The Dangers of a Live Webcast

I thought for a minute that were approaching infinite recursion. Now everyone will want to try a live webcast just so they can do this and try handling it better. [via b3ta]

Google Nexus One: Concept & Design

Google has just started releasing a series of videos documenting the story behind the company’s new phone, the Nexus one. In the first episode, various people who worked on the design of the phone talk about some of the decisions that were taken to make the Nexus One the most advanced mobile on the market […]

Facebook… Literally

[Via Gizmodo]

WoW Facebook App: For Epic Updates?

So if you spend enough time in the World of Warcraft, you always run on the risk of not having enough stuff going on in the real world to make for interesting Facebook updates. But luckily with the new WoW Armory app, you can have automatic updates sent to your mom, your boss, and all […]

Captain Picard Loves the Internet

As part of an interview for PBS’s upcoming airings of “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” in April, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, aka Sir Patrick Stewart (or is that the other way around?) gives us his views on twitter and the Internet, and explains why he is afraid to start “gaming”. [Via Thenextweb]

The Tester: A New Reality Show for Gamers

It’s official, Sony is just about to launch a new reality show on the Playstation Network. People interested in watching the show will be able to do so directly on their PS3 console, providing that said console is hooked up to the web, of course. The Tester, which will debut on February 18th, will star […]

We Don’t Need No Stinking Subtitles! [Video]

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] This is probably older than the internet, but we just discovered it the other day (via the hallowed “instant messenger” method) and figured it was worth a laugh or two. One thing I noticed after watching were the tags on the YouTube page for this clip. ¬†They include […]

Flash Game: Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2 is a fun shooter-like game where you must travel through giant bubbles, destroying enemy tanks and taking their bubbles to fuel your growth. As you grow, you constantly evolve and get ever better weapons. Ultimately, you’ll have to face the ultimate adversary and defeat it to win the game.

Facebook’s Mafia Wars Ad Parody

If you thought Farmville was exciting, then it means you’ve probably never tried Mafia Wars! Check it out: [Via MUO]

This headline is none of your business

It was International Data Privacy Day yesterday. That’s doesn’t appear to have led to any restaurant or bar discounts or formed the basis of an awesome themed party, but it did produce a series of events and speeches to promote the issue. The day is promoted by The Privacy Projects, an organization which researches and […]

The Google Earth Guys are Back!

Yes folks, Google’s hardest working employees are back from their trip around the world, but unfortunately for them, their job is far from being over. Thanks Ben!

Internet Censorship Facts

Chances are, if youre reading this right now, you don’t live in Yemen or Myanmar. Internet censorship can take many forms, from restricting private internet access to blocking searches for politically volatile keywords. Exercise your internet freedom by taking a look at this informative presentation.