Why Do Facebook Users Add and Remove Friends?

What about you guys? What are some of YOUR reasons for adding or removing friends?



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  1. I only add folks I've met in real life, and even then, only if I plan on keeping in touch with them. There are a few exceptions (mainly folks I've chatted with since the days of yore on AOL, but we've never actually met in real life). ;-)

    I've unfriended people who are jerks. Either they're jerky to me or they get in fights on my wall with my friends. If someone's status updates bother me (most likely political views), I just hide the person from my news feed.

  2. +met in real live

    -no updates (why be freinds with friends, who don't use facebook? gotta phone?)
    -there are only 151 pokemon in the first gen, so i only accept 151 friends.

  3. + In my school
    + In the local area (around my age)
    + Used to be in my year

    – Offensive (Why go to all the trouble to be nasty because i’m vegan? It’s my choice) i’m usually tolerant of people but sometimes ignorance annoys me.

  4. i’ll add anyone i know, provided i don’t currently work with them. i’ll get rid of anyone if after a year we have had no comments or posts between each other aside from the happy birthday exchange. i’ve gotten rid of a lot of friends that i have nothing in common with aside from the fact we drank together in college. most of those are in a college group with me, so i can reach them there if needed, but there isn’t much point being friends if they aren’t interested in my kids and i’m not interested in their sports teams.

  5. For removing? Farmville requests… that's why I don't have some of my aunts on my friends list. And what's the point of them being on my list if I have 'em blocked?

  6. I add people I meet in real life or chat for long via forum and AOL and msn so even if never really met them I know them sometimes better of some collegues. I also added two people I didn't know but got to "chat" with them on a statues updated of a friends who move away across the contry. We get along well multiple time, start to joke together always on that common friend updates 'till said common friend wrote "I think it's time you officially become friends on Facebook". Never meet them, yet, surely next time I visit said friends.

    I really rarely remove someone…If they offended me or insult me yes I do it. Do it too when people share too much information about their private life or update about only one subjet I don't like myself (had a Facebook friend, a girl I was with in College, who only talked on facebook about an actor I didn't like….nothing else not even Happy Birthday to anyone. Just that actor and things concerning that actor and fangirling with other fangirl about that actor and his movies and how it's so hard to wait for the third and how hisTeamd is the best.

  7. + met in real life
    + several mutual friends from different social circles
    + look like interesting people

    – low interaction level
    – negative emotions I don't want to deal with atm.
    – [b]depression-induced purges[/b] down to 25-50 people because it sucks having 300+ friends and realizing that there's not one of them close enough to talk to when you really need a shoulder.

    • Oh, and now that FB has easy filters:
      + family I've been putting off adding for years because I didn't want to spread my alternative lifestyle choices in their faces.

  8. I'll remove people who are so offensive I don't want to have anything to do with them.
    Mostly I hide people – I love the changes to the newsfeed to only see important posts, I've got a few people reduced to important posts only.
    I block all games I see in the newsfeed – not the people who post them.
    And I have 1 friend who makes the most depressing comments on everything that I've blocked her from seeing most of my posts by default.

  9. The other thing you can take away here is that men in general have more diverse reasons for adding and removing friends. Women tend to do it for very similar reasons (or at least they say they do)

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