Hungarian Internet Tax Plan Sparks Protest

The Hungarian government has proposed a metered tax on using the Internet. It’s led to “thousands” of protesters taking part in dramatic demonstrations that appear to be having some effect. The tax would technically be applied to internet service providers rather than consumers. The ISPs would be charged 150 forints (a little over 60 US […]

Google To Promote Piracy-Free Media Sites… At A Cost

Google has announced tweaks to downgrade the position of links to piracy websites in its results. But the way it is doing so is still upsetting legitimate content providers. The changes, already dubbed the “Pirate update” in the search industry in reference to the previous “Panda” update, cover three tactics to try to make results […]

Facebook To Check Up On Users In Disaster Zones with New Safety Check Feature

When we hear news of a natural disaster or other problem in an area, it’s common to worry about people we know living in that area. Facebook is launching a new feature to cut down on worried enquiries. With the new safety check tool, which is launching worldwide, Facebook will mark particular areas as being […]

Digital Regulator: Celebrity Hacking Victims “Stupid”

The man who’ll almost certainly be Europe’s next head of digital issues appears to be standing by his comments that victims of the recent celebrity photo leak were “stupid” and can’t be protected. Gunther Oettinger introduced the statement by saying that it was impossible for lawmakers and regulators to mitigate all risks. He then gave […]